Whittling Away The Wattle With NeckRise

Lauren Dimet Waters,
Yikes! I’m NOT 17 anymore?

I do not like getting older. I swear I still think I’m 27…until I look in the mirror. How can I be aging? When did I go from looking like a baby to an aging woman seemingly overnight? Now that I’m in my 40’s (not telling you which part) I do not enjoy seeing lines appear and my skin sag. So I have taken matters into my own hands. OK, more like someone else’s hands. I really don’t want to endure something as invasive as plastic surgery until I absolutely have to. Thankfully we now have fillers.
So I have been a big proponent of fillers and some Botox (as long as you don’t look frozen). I have had the parenthesis around my mouth filled and had Dr. Bracci’s EyeRise procedure nearly 3 years ago. Then last fall I was chosen as a candidate for Dr. Bracci’s CheekRise, and was equally happy with the results. Yet, one thing has been really bothering me about my appearance these past couple of years is – my neck. I began to notice a bit of a wattle about a year and a half ago and then it was all I could see when I looked in the mirror. Mind you then I would also see that annoying Richard Fish from Ally McBeal with his wattle fetish playing with mine! But what else is there besides surgery to get rid of neck sag?
The last time I went to see Dr. Bracci at his VERVE Medical Cosmetics office for Botox I had planned to ask about my neck. He informed me I would be a good candidate for his NeckRise. What pray-tell is that? NeckRise is a proprietary treatment where non-surgical cosmetic fillers are used to fill in the areas under the skin which have lost volume and to artistically sculpt and redefine the diminished jaw line and chin. Sagging skin becomes tightened and a more defined neckline and chin area appears. As Dr. Bracci explained the last time I saw him is that when we age  – we lose bone structure. In essence the bone that holds our skin starts to atrophy so the skin, having less to hold on to, sags. So by using fillers, you can simulate the bone structure and the skin looks firmer instantly without the need to cut the skin and tissue away. That also means you have no downtime and will look better instantly. Sounds good to me! I was in.
Dr. Bracci not only put dermal filler under my chin, but around my jawline which is really what was causing the sagging. Everything looked significantly lifted immediately and it didn’t hurt. I had a little bruising for a few days, but the overall outcome was pretty good. Is the sag/wattle 100% gone? No, but I would say there was a 75% improvement which I can’t complain about. The fact is, I have to face facts…I’m not a kid any longer.
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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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