What will David's Bridal and Vera Wang Do with All those Kim Kardashian Dresses Now??

Vera Wang made all three of Kim Kardashian's wedding dresses

Even the headline of the Wall Street Journal article made us crack up: “Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Arrives Faster than Her Wedding Dress”. I mean, how can you not laugh at that? In true tacky, high drama Kardashian taste, Kim Kardashian announced the end of her marriage yesterday to Kriss Humphries after a scant 72 days (though how he lasted that long, we’re not really too sure). Her wedding, like her career, was a huge overblown affair lacking any sort of substance and it’s likely that once the party was over, Mrs. Humphries just couldn’t stand to be out of the spotlight. Married and out of the spotlight, at that. So while Kim goes back to hiking up her hemlines, bridal retailer David’s Bridal and Vera Wang have their own dress debacle on their hands.
The retailer and designer has teamed up to manufacture a fast fashion version of Kardashian’s wedding gowns to sell to the masses. It was, after all, supposed to be reminiscent of the greatest love story ever told, rivaled only by the romance of the Royal Wedding earlier this year. Well, shock of a lifetime, it didn’t last! But the hilarious part is, it didn’t even last long enough for the inventory to come in!
Slated to come in February, the collection, called White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal, features a Kardashian-inspired tulle ball gown with Chantilly lace, and a georgette mermaid gown with draped straps (she did, after all, wear three dresses). Priced at $1,500, the dresses were meant to “sell the fairy tale romance to the mass consumer” as WSJ put it,  since the average price for a wedding dress in 2010 was $1,099, according to TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com.
And while the mass pricepoint may be accurate, the whole “fairy-tale romance” thing is obviously off the mark. So what now? Will this reality check unhinge the entire idea behind creating the dresses in the first place? Probably. After all, who wants to buy a dress that resulted in a failed marriage 10 weeks later? But then again, this is the Big K were talking about and and as sad as it is to admit, her power of influence extends far beyond the power of rational thought. We’re somewhat comforted though, by the thought of Vera Wang hearing the news and shaking her head in disgust.
-Alia Rajput
Article Source: Wall Street Journal
Photo Source: US Weekly

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  1. That is a great question!! Will these dresses now be put to shame? I know I wouldn’t want to wear a dress like this. I was very surprised that the new couple called it quits after only 2 months. Can you believe each day of their marriage was approx $138,888.


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