What Not To Wear: The Eva Mendes Edition

It’s true that Second City Style is all about promoting the best of fashion, we also have to make sure we’re letting our readers know what NOT to wear. There are celebrity fashionistas out there who are fabulous, versatile dressers who promote the best of colors, trends, high-fashion and brands. But there are also celebs out there who, with their fashion faux-pas, let us know a trend or  style, is NOT okay. In a way, this is also a great service to the general fashion hunting community because it gives us full insight into what not to do before we make the same mistake ourselves.
Eva Mendes is on fire! Not only is she a striking beauty with perfect olive skin, but she’s also a dynamic actress! Oh and did we mention  she’s dating Ryan Gosling? If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps her unique fashion will. This superstar is one trendy dresser, wearing everything from bright orange to elongated maxi dresses to pick up her look. Unfortunately, her trends have been pretty over-the-top, not doing her any favors. Here are some trends we’ve seen on Eva that are out the window. Eva, we can’t wait to see you in something new and fresh soon!
Animal Prints
All kinds of things are going wrong with Eva’s calf-length leopard print dress. First things first, while we are a fan of Dolce & Gabbana, we’re not quite as big a fan of this dress which has too much going on in one ensemble. There’s a lace/crochet pattern on the collar and pleats in the skirt, not to mention the dress is already loaded with animal prints on its own. Additionally the color of dress leaves the pattern muted. If you’re going to go with leopard print, you should either go natural or bright, not this weird shade of burgundy. There’s also a problem with the way Eva styled the outfit – the belt is cool but the brown boots don’t go with the black on the dress. If you’re going to pair boots with this long of a dress, make sure the color of the boot brings out something in the outfit. I’m not for total matchy matchy, but the boots or sunglasses and coat do nothing for the dress itself. Animal prints are cool to wear, but please don’t take your cues from this ensemble.
Polka Dots
Is the polka dots trend going out the window anytime soon? Not likely, if Eva Mendes has anything to say about it. While we’re all for oversize polka dots – if you’re going to do polka dots you might as well do them big– there’s a lot of things wrong with this brightly colored polka dot dress on the Hitch actress. First, why would anyone wear fishnets with giant polka dots? The two items just do not go together. Also the ankle booties, as cool as they are, do not compliment the outfit at all – she should have put on some chunky black platform ankle boots if she was going to toughen up the outfit as she did with the leather accessories. Two things NOT wrong – the brightly colored dress and the chic accessories (that leather belt and Valentino bag) “almost” work for us.
Dressing Too Young
One can never fault Eva Mendes for dressing too feminine. Even though I thought she was a tomboy type, she has proven me wrong by wearing one dress or skirt or maxi dress or wrap after another with embellishments like unique texture, lace sleeves and bright hyper color. If she’s not looking like a modern version of an Old Hollywood startlet, she’s looking like a brightly colored tourist from Miami Beach! And perhaps that’s one of the reasons I don’t admire this ensemble. Of course, we’re a fan of bright colors showing off your skin, but this blue and yellow really does nothing for Eva except show off her muscular legs. This is the type of dress you wear on the beach over a bathing suit – not for a sophisticated primping session with Cristina Radu European Skin Care! The chain necklaces look wrong, the Thierry Lasry sunglasses don’t go and the Ralph Lauren purse has a color that doesn’t work. Plus, she looks like a 22-year old South Beach partier, not a world famous actress!!
Cotton Candy Pink
After reading some of these outfit summaries, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m going to say here. This starlet is not a delicate woman – therefore she should not try to pull off cotton candy pink! Not to mention this shade of pink does not go with bow embellished gray booties or fishnet stockings! Let the dream of girlie cotton candy pink coats go, Eva, because this jacket (and this whole outfit for that matter) is not for you! It looks wrong and doesn’t do you justice.
– Simona Kogan
Photos: People.com
Image Layout: Second City Style

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