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The market is saturated with designer jeans, "it" jeans, and "it was last year" jeans… There are so many lines available now you need a guidebook or a specialist just to help you to figure out which ones to begin to try on. On top of that there are too many washes and tint choices. What’s a girl to do?

Well I can help you to simplify. Geography Jeans by Michelle Alcott are our favorite jeans and that is why we carry them at the Second City Store. Michelle, who has been in the women’s apparel industry for longer than you would believe, put all of the work into getting the right jeans tailored for women. Or to help us find "the inner Kate Moss in all of us," as she says.

Michelle considered all of the issues women have with jeans: The waist gets too big, and you always need a belt, or the waist does not lay flat under tops because the snap or the loops stick out. Same goes for the pockets or the details on them is just too busy and you do not necessarily want to be a walking billboard for a particular denim line. Another problem? Jeans that don’t have any stretch at all, or they have too much stretch and you don’t want to look like a sausage. The color is too light or the jeans are too frayed for the workplace or evening.


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Black (left) and Dark Rinse (right)

Well, with Geography she has solved all of that for us! She even figured out a secret little thing in the stitching in the rise to flatter you (yes, somewhere in the crotch!) Not only do the jeans fit great, they have that little bit of stretch that makes them super comfortable, yet still look like jeans and not leggings! The cut is straight leg – but don’t be afraid of "skinny". I am by no means skinny and these make me look smaller. The bottom part is not "peg leg" but is just wide enough (7") to balance the upper part of your legs and hips. The dark blue denim color (Dark Rinse) is perfect to dress up or down. They are also available in black. Both dark shades make you look 5-10 lbs lighter than medium denim shades.

Geography Jeans look fantastic with everything! Tops by Vika Brown and Melanie Nicole.

I can wear tops and sweaters over Geography jeans without a belt and the jeans don’t fall down – they lay very flat underneath. The jeans have clean and classic 5-pocket styling with perfectly sized and positioned back pockets. 

More good news is you get to order down at least 1 size. I usually wear a 28 (or a 29 and then I have to take in the waist). With Geography jeans, I wear a 27. Plain and simple. No messing with alterations. They felt a little stiff when I first put them on, but just a few hours later they softened and fit comfortably, and continue to fit and don’t get stretched out after washings.

The price is much better than many designer lines at $118. Second City Store offers free shipping and you can return them, but I tell you – you won’t want to! You won’t want to take them off! Geography take the hassle out of jeans shopping. Take this simple approach – simply order your jeans online today

— Carol Calacci

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