Vintage: Passionate About Pucci Prints

Vintage Emilio Pucci As flowers are starting to pop and the colors of spring are beginning to grace us with their presence, let’s embrace the season. I’m looking forward to a full bloom and can’t wait to showcase my bold, bright prints to compliment all spring has to offer. This month I want to join forces and highlight a vintage print and a designer. Most serious fashion enthusiasts already know Emilio Pucci is known for his psychedelic prints. So let’s give credit where credit is due! Pucci was an Italian designer from Florence who rose to fame when he debuted his collection made from his now iconic kaleidoscope, brightly colored geometric prints. Before his clothing reached the stars, celebrities and fashion frenzied fans, he first designed for sports in the late 1940s; most notably skiwear. His early designs were known for the stretch fabrics more-so than the colors and print. It wasn’t until around 1950 he began to play with the color schemes for which he is known; first dabbling in women’s accessories then – taking suggestions from Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus – moving to clothing. Some of his most famous clients included Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Jackie Kennedy and Madonna. Though he passed away in 1992, his legacy lives on through his namesake label (which is still producing collections under the direction of his daughter, Laudomia Pucci) and coveted all over the world. Today Laudomia is offering a limited edition scarf with a 1957 Pucci Battistero print to help finance the renovation of the Battistero in Florence. Pucci’s iconic print is highly noticeable, so only attempt to wear it if you are ready to be the center of attention! The highly stylized bold print can be worn as a full on maxi or wrap dress or in separates or accessories.  Just make sure to not overdue it. When choosing a piece, definitely make that your statement and leave the rest very neutral and simple. Step out in this famous print and you’ll definitely give the spring foliage a run for its money. 1. Pucci Prints on Mad Men 2. Authentic Emilio Pucci Vintage Blue Oversized Round Sunglasses, $420 3. Vintage Emilio Pucci Lucienne Sheer Dress, $328 5. Emilio Pucci Blazer, $2,695

6. Vintage 70s Emilio Pucci Dress,  $499

7. Emilio Pucci Espadrillas, $770 8. Emilio Pucci Limited Edition Square Scarf, $385. A portion of the proceeds will help finance the renovation of the Battistero in Florence. – Carmen Turner Image Layout: Tequila Perrin

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