Beauty Review. A Painless Uni K Wax


One of the reasons I decided on laser hair removal is because not only is waxing painful, it adds up. What I was not told is that lasered hair can grow back. Not all of it, but some sure does. So when I learned there was now a waxing option that was natural, relatively painless and affordable, I just had to check it out. All in the name of research for the edification of our dear reader, of course.

So what's the deal with Uni K Wax Centers? Wax is all they do. The brand originated in South Beach, Florida in 1993 and through word-of-mouth has grown rapidly from coast-to-coast. A fresh concept in natural herbal wax hair removal, centers are now opening around the country.

The center I visited this past Monday in NYC has been open for nearly two years and was very clean (and thankfully very air-conditioned). I learned the wax is freshly prepared in an on-site lab daily and is delivered to each customer in a personalized wax warmer right to their room with just enough fresh wax for their individual  UKW-TreatmentRoom-2-LowRes service. The waxing warmers are then sterilized between each service by a dedicated lab technician.

The proprietary wax itself is green. Yes, green. It's made from the resin of a unique aromatic pine tree and is combined with beeswax, aloe vera and other natural ingredients. The wax remains elastic while applied to the skin so the longer strips of wax can be used thereby making it possible to remove hair on multiple parts of the body at one time. The best part? No cloth strips need to be used. The hair come out easily by just pulling up the chilled wax. I was seriously amazed how much less this method hurt.

My waxer was extremely professional and answered all of my questions…while I was undergoing treatment. So it had to be pretty painless for me to talk during the experience. I didn't scream once!

Services range from an upper lip wax to a Brazilian bikini to a full body waxing experience. Uni K Wax has a Celebrity Brow gallery of over 30 celebrity-inspired shapes. They also offer convenient packages as well as extended hours and online booking. And for an added bonus they have a rewards program that can save you even more on their already affordable prices.


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Uni K Wax Centers are continuously opening around the country. There are currently centers in San Diego, California, New York and Florida.

I will be going back.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Complimentary treatment received for review.

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