Trend Alert: Waterproof Accessories

Jil Sander black plastic envelope clutch, $230

Think of all the so-called “frenemies” you’ve been forced to play nice with. I’m sure we can all come up with at least two, but there’s one that has probably slipped through your radar. It’s — water! There is no way you’d be able to live without it, but sometimes when you find a purse destroyed, a cellphone fried or a pair of shoes totaled by a little water invasion, it’s hard to keep things friendly. With all of these technological advances, it’s a wonder that more things aren’t created to be water-resistant. It sure would make life a lot more stress-free, but while you wait for manufacturers to develop waterproof everything, here are a few accessories that you can buy now to aid in the fight against water damage. Even though this Jil Sander envelope clutch (shown above) is plastic, its sleek design and color make it appealing to a chic audience. In true clutch fashion, it’s easy to carry around and the fact that it’s water resistant makes it that much better. There is no more need to worry about the things in your purse getting soaked by a bout with rain or a spill.

Lifeproof iPhone case, $80


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One of the biggest casualties of water damage are definitely cellphones. At times it seems as if cellphones are simply attracted or maybe even lured into the depths of our pools, bathtubs and for those unlucky few — toilets. Now, Lifeproof has developed a waterproof iPhone case that will solve these problems. Also, these waterproof cases are not bulky like the Otterbox, so they can easily fit in your pocket.

 Burberry Buckled Rubber Boots, $375

One of the best feelings in the world is looking at someone hop-scotching around rain puddles as you just stomp through them in rain boots. These cute Burberry rain boots with their matte finish and gold buckles look more like a regular boot instead of a typical rain boot. These definitely make it easier to be fashionable, fun and dry during damper days.

Black Popins Waterproof Tote Bag from Boticca, $267.80

The design of this Boticca tote makes it a trendy option when going out. It’s made out of black waterproof material with pink leather accents. So, rain or shine your precious cargo is sure to be protected inside this bag in style! – Jamie Wilson   Source: Vogue; Images: Vogue, Polyvore, Boticca

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