Today's Fashion Headlines: New CEO for Pandora, Hanley Mellon Debuts Collection, Prada Enters Digital World

Hanley Mellon, Collection Debut, NYFW
New CEO for Pandora
Pandora has appointed Anders Colding Friis as its new Chief Executive Officer. Friis will take over Allan Leighton’s position who will be returning to the group’s board of directors as Co-Deputy Chairman in spring 2015. Since the company went public in 2010, Friis will be the fifth CEO the company has acquired.
Hanley Mellon Debuting Collection
Couple Matthew Mellon and Nicole Hanley Mellon will debut their collection titled Hanley Mellon at New York Fashion Week next month. The collection will focus on knitwear, however, each season’s line will focus on a different place the couple have fascinated about. An official launch is aimed for Sept. 10, an online launch in October and also a jewelry collaboration with Giuliana Michelotti for fall.
Prada Entering Digital World
Prada and Miu Miu have tried not to give into the pressure of digital retail initiatives. However, Prada is now entering the digital world for the eighth Miu Miu Women’s Tales installment, done with performance artist Miranda July. The project will make its debut tonight and so does the app. Titled “Somebody,” the app is a message service but instead of sending the message to the intended recipient, it goes to the person standing closest to the recipient. The actual recipient must then tell the intended recipient the message, like they are your stand in.
–Rachel Bogo

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