Today's Fashion Headlines. February 10, 2012

Jennifer Lopez

The Demand for the Brand Hermès
The current focus for Hermès International is to simply keep up with the demand for the famous Birkin bags and silk scarves. The demand for the French luxury brand has allowed the company to beat its sale target in 2011, and, if they can keep up with the demand, revenues are expected to grow into double-digits. This year the brand is opening up two leather good factories in France and plans on adding 600 employees to the company.
Eight stores have been renovated or enlarged over the course of 2011 along with another fifteen stores stores that are planned on being opened or renovated by the end of 2012. Hermès reported a 15.8% increase, or $1.15 billion, during the last period. Due to their increase in revenue and interest, the company is approaching 2012 with confidence, as said Mireille Maury, managing director of finance and administration at Hermès.
A Fashion Show With Heart
Many celebrities took their turn down the runway for The Heart Truth fashion show last night. The Heart Truth, who holds the benefit show every year, is a campaign for women and dangers of heart disease. Actresses like Rose McGowan and other VIP’s slipped into red numbers and tried to make it down the runway.
Not all made it down smoothly, though. Minka Kelly happened to lose a shoe while showing off her Diane von Furstenberg dress while Christie Brinkley’s Pamella Roland gown almost caused a fall when the gown caught on to her four-inch heel. At the end of the night, however, a great show allowed women to show off fabulous dresses for a great purpose. See our Second City Style review here.
The Glow of J. Lo
Jennifer Lopez has a lot on her career plate right now. From TV shows to her new album, she has been quite busy. A new creation includes Glowing, her newest perfume that hits shelves this May. After her original fragrance, Glow, took on the market ten years ago making over $100 million globally within the first year, Lopez is simply building on to her fragrance empire.
Glowing  is the new scent, as Lopez stated, that is “a step beyond Glow.” Meant to have a “clean” smell and woodsy scent, it shows the evolution of Lopez’s taste over the past decade.  Scents from cassia flower to amber sultan were used to created this earthy fragrance. Three sizes, 1 oz., 1.7 oz., and 2.5 oz. will be sold from prices ranges of $39 to $65. Also offered will be a 6.7 oz. of body lotion. 
– Lindsay Grundy
Source: WWD
Photo: Stephen Sullivan for WWD

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