Project Runway All Stars, Season 1 Episode 6: Fashion Face Off. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.

Project Runway All Stars Season 1 Episode 6 Designers
At the onset of episode six of Project Runway All Stars, each designer picked a handbag from the arms of host, Angela Lindvall, which is sort of apt since her onscreen personality is that of a clothing rack; let’s face it she’s pretty but also pretty boring. But rather than have the designers create an outfit to go with the bag, the designers pulled a luggage tag from within the handbag that had a season of the year written on it.  With four seasons and eight designers remaining, what better episode could there be to have a FASHION FACE-OFF? The designers with the corresponding seasons were paired up and would compete against each other for a head-to-head high and low score of the week and would be judged on the sportswear, weekend getaway look that they would create.  Kara and Austin had spring, Kendell and Mondo would design for summer, Mila and Rami autumn, and Jerell and Michael winter. If everyone was happy-go-lucky before, the claws of competition definitely came out during this challenge. For once, the designers weren’t enthusiastically giving comments to one another; instead they were eyeing each other’s looks to ensure theirs was the better design. A few of the designers were stumped, including that of Mondo, who just came off a win with a sportswear outfit from the week before. Michael, who is not known for creating sportswear, was also at a bit of a lose this challenge. He seemed to be stumbling along looking for something to create and in the process saw what his competitor was doing and followed along in the same vein. Jerell and Michael both created oversized coats with skinny pants all in the similar grey, black and brown color tones.  Needless to say, accusations of copying were bandied about from both sides and even Joanna Cole gave her two cents on the matter. Ultimately nothing came of all the bickering of plagiarism and instead the designers would let their garments speak for themselves on the runway. During the runway show, both looks for the same season were shown simultaneously. Having the two looks next to each other helped show which design was the better of the two, but in some instances it was quite hard to pick the high and low scores. Kara and Austin both had pretty impeccable outfits. Austin’s pants were the best designed garment of the season, so said Isaac Mizrahi, but it was paired with something that a grandma would wear, which was basically a cropped cardigan/jacket with a frilly blouse. Each of the judges thought the woman Austin created was too boring to even want to hang out with. But in Austin’s defense, he was trying to create a look that would sell at Neiman Marcus and I think his look may have sold in spades. Kara’s look on the other hand wasn’t much better, nor was it much worse. Her design was clean and easy, but lacked any real style or personality and was too color-blocked for their taste, but ultimately Kara had the high score.
Project Runway All Stars Judges Cynthia Rowley, Isaac Mizrahi, Gorgina Chapman and Angela Lindvall
Between Kendell and Mondo, oddly enough, the judges, including guest judge Cynthia Rowley, loved Kendell’s one-piece jumper made from what else, a polka dot fabric. Yes, it was cute. Could I envision anyone over the age of eight wearing it? No. Mondo’s look, who he was dedicating to his mother in honor of her 60th birthday, was lacking. While his shorts outfit from last week was effortlessly cool, this week it was too forced and the styling was much too 80s for the judges tastes. The judges’ harsh but accurate comments brought Mondo to tears, making him the designated crying of the challenge; there always has to be one. Rami and Mila designed for autumn and Mila created a cape and baggy skinny jeans while Rami designed a draped electric blue jacket with trim fitting pants. The obvious choice would be Rami for high score, until he opened the jacket and showed the hideous green top that was underneath. The excess fabric and not to mention the diagonal seam running across the model’s breasts were not good. Lastly, the mirror looks from Jerell and Michael were each liked by all of the judges, except that Michael paired his leggings and large coat with patent heels creating a completely trashy look, of which Isaac did not approve. Ultimately the judges chose Jerell’s as the high score, although I thought both looks appeared a bit baggy and unkempt. But what do I know since they picked Jerell’s look as the winning design for the challenge. Sadly, the two lowest scores belonged to Austin and Rami, both of whom have done extremely well in each of the challenges thus far. Neither of the two designers would have been my pick, especially since Michael, who doesn’t have much personal style or a sense of personality when it comes to his creations, is still in the competition. So it was quite a disappointment that Rami was sent home. Now I’m not sure there are many all-star designers left among the All Stars on Project Runway.
Micheal's Design vs. Jerell's Design. Jerell, you are the winner of this cahllenge!
Mondo's Design vs. Kenley's Design
Kara's Design vs. Austin's Design
Mila's Design vs. Rami's Design. Rami, you are out!
Memorable Quotes: I had a crush on you and then you talked. Wah wah. –Mondo I’m glad you’re doing that, it means that I will win. –Austin She is the polka dot queen, but I’m the polka dot princess. –Mondo I mean the only woman who’s wearing polka dots like that is Minnie Mouse, maybe. –Jerell He made something that looked like Moses would wear it. –Michael It’s almost so dorky it’s cool. –Cynthia Rowley I would never want to go to lunch with her. –Isaac Mizrahi I found those leggings with those shoes disgusting. –Isaac Mizrahi The top underneath, I wish I had never seen that. –Georgina Champman With the doppelgänger on the runway, I’m glad they were able to see the real McCoy. –Jerell Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! –Bonnie J Brown Photos: Lifetime

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