Free Stuff! Tim Gunn's Guide to Style T-Shirt Giveaway


Somehow I don’t see Tim Gunn suggesting any woman wear a t-shirt, but here is your opportunity to win a "Tim Gunn Told Me To Wear This Shirt." Second City Style in conjunction with BravoTV’s ‘Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style’ is giving away two tees to two lucky winners!

Here is what you need to do…


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Watch the show on Thursday 10/30 @ 10/9c (see previews below). Tim’s client this week has a problem that many women share: she learns about fashion through the media! She tries to imitate many different celebs but is unable to find a style of her own which is a huge no-no! At the same time, she is a serial sample sale shopper, stuffing her closet so much that it’s nearly impossible to dig anything out. Can Tim save this well-meaning but misguided fashion-wannabe?

Then leave a comment in our feedback to this post, telling us if you think Tim has successfully saved this woman from being a fashion victim and why. We will announce two winners on Monday, November, 3.

P.S. In case you don’t win you may also purchase the shirt at (along with a Tim Gunn talking bobblehead)!

Please, though…do us a favor and wear said shirt appropriately (gym, around the house, etc.). Make Tim (and us) proud!

Good luck!

1 thought on “Free Stuff! Tim Gunn's Guide to Style T-Shirt Giveaway”

  1. Tim has totally changed Diana’s fashion outlook. they taught her how to put together outfits, and to have things tailored for her for a good fit (because of her petite-ness). The outfits she chose in the end were gorgeous! Props to her–she looked just as amazing after they left her on her own.


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