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Behold the Marshall Field’s Macy’s Clock on State Street
Time is running out for Marshall Field’s and many Chicagoans are none too thrilled. Come September 9, 2006 all 62 midwest Marshall Field’s locations will become Macy’s. You have to understand that Marshall Field’s was the last remaining true (good) department store that was born here and to many, it’s like losing family. In fact there is even a website dedicated to the cause.

While I need to remain neutral and am a capitalist, there is a part of me that is a little sad. Yet, there are those who are down right ticked. The following letter was forwarded to me, written by someone I know. You have to appreciate people who stand up for their convictions.

21 August 2006


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P.O. Box 8052
, OH 45040-8052

Mr. Terry J. Lundgren:

 Enclosed is the Macy’s Gold Star Rewards card you sent me last week as a replacement for my Marshall Field’s Regards card.  I have no intention of using this card because I have no intention of ever setting foot in any Macy’s store – EVER.The Marshall Field’s name has served this area well for more than a century.  For Federated to ignore this and to rename Marshall Field’s, a venerated name throughout the Upper Midwest synonymous with quality and customer service, with Macy’s, a name associated with New York City and lower quality merchandise, is an insult.  Keep the Macy’s name in  New York City where it belongs.  We do not need or want a based department store of lower quality in , particularly not when it comes at the expense of a cherished name.  This has got to be one of the biggest bone headed corporate decisions in the history of retail.  I hope my fellow Chicagoans welcome Macy’s in real Chicago style, that your stay here if brief, and by the time you leave the Windy City you are bankrupt.


So there!

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