If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Sat, 2006-08-19 20:00

Hey Bean,

My boyfriend just asked me if I have any sexy bras. After years of scratching at the lace on my sexier bras and having people stare, I tossed them and invested in Body by Victoria. Plain but comfortable. Can you suggest some sexier underwire bras for a 34 C that cost less than $40? I am not looking for padded, miracle, strapless or any extras, just a plain bra…that’s sexy.


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Itchy Boob

Dear IB,

I get confused about the expression “form follows functionâ€? (yet another reason I am not an architect), but I think it applies here. For you, the function of your bra (to keep your boobs in place) is secondary to the form (its degree of sexiness). For your BF, it’s the reverse. But before I make any recommendations, let me repeat what you probably already know: A boyfriend’s gentle request for sexier undergarments should not compel a girl to dash to the nearest La Perla, where, armed with her shiny new Carmen Electra prepaid Mastercard, she buys a gorgeous brassiere that, except for special occasions, goes unworn because its too thin/bejeweled/
ruffled/expensive for her everyday outfits. No, no, no! There is always room for compromise.

In your case, dear reader, it’s called Belabumbum. Meaning “beautiful bottomâ€? in Portuguese, this company’s Brazilian lingerie will suit your need for value and comfort as well as your boyfriend’s need for, um, well, whatever. Just the word Brazilian gets most boys woozy with excitement, as it reminds them of a certain kind of waxing, Giselle, and watching soccer matches.

The two underwire bras I like are the Copacabana demi-cup ($34) made of stretch lace (available in 13 different colors) and the Flora lace racer back bra ($38) in stretch eyelet. Both are available on their website, Belabumbum. And because color is infinitely sexier than beige, you could even get away with their simple cotton bra in a brilliant red or a soothing acqua ($26). Also check out the Crème Brulée bra ($32). Yum!

In Chicago, Belabumbum is sold at Underthings, Raizy, Isabella Fine Lingerie, and Trousseau. However, most boutique lingerie stores don’t have a huge inventory, so call first to see if they have what you want.

Hope this helps. I’m off to Ipanema to tan my bum bum. Ciao, bella!

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