The Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare System: RxGenesys

August 4, 2015 is a date I won’t soon forget. For one, I met supermodel Paulina Porizkova (who is still breath-takingly beautiful) two, I discovered a new line of anti-aging skincare products that have truly changed my skin. I have been dying to share this news with everyone, but had to wait until I had used them at least a month to make sure they really worked and until our new site launched! Paulina Porizkova for RxGenesys RxGenesys is a brand new skincare regime of 4 (for now) products developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Gibson. They are revolutionary. Truly. The secret is its unique RxGen™ Complex, which is based on the latest stem cell technology and is found to work as a youth messenger, promoting a younger, healthier looking skin and offering a life-changing beauty product. Life-changing. Did you catch that? Lauren Dimet Waters, RxGenesys, facial, Spa I had the chance to speak one-on-one with Dr. Gibson and Paulina Porizkova who joked she is endorsing the products because she truly believes in them and not for the money, because they are hardly paying her! She explained when she retired from modeling she decided to take back her face and body and to only align herself with causes and products she honestly believes in. She doesn’t do it for nor does she need the money. She found these products so amazing, she had to promote them. It was her duty to women looking for the Fountain of Youth. “RxGenesys is the best skin care I have ever used. I’ve had access to hundreds of products through my career, but I’ve never seen the kind of results I’ve achieved in just a few weeks with RxGenesys. This is that revolutionary breakthrough product women have been waiting for” – Paulina Porizkova The exclusive RxGen™ Complex is featured in all four RxGenesys products and is the ideal balance of three of the most advanced skin care technologies in the world: the exclusive RxGen Technology, Growth Factor Biomimetic Peptides and a unique Knotgrass extract. In addition to the RxGen™ Complex, the products also contain an additional five ingredients, Vitamins B5, C and E, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea Extract. There is no ingredient that reacts adversely with any skin type or condition. “There is no better beauty secret than a carefully designed daily skin care routine. I have personally designed RxGenesys’ products and daily beauty protocol, so the consumer can enjoy the best, long lasting results, in the least time possible.” says Jeffrey J Gibson MD RXGenesys The 4-Piece Beauty System:
  1. RxCleanser – a soothing cleanser with Green Tea that refreshes and soothes the skin, as well as removes makeup, dirt and excess oil, without drying out the skin or affecting ones natural pH balance. You can even use it to remove eye makeup. Use this both morning and night.
  2. RxMoisturizer Nourishing Face Crème – a cell nourishing face crème that defies fine lines and less than perfect complexions by infusing your skin with the powerful RxGen Complex and nourishing ingredients to revitalize the look of your skin. Use both day and night as well and make sure to use around your eyes and on your neck. I use the extra on my hands.
  3. RxIlluminator Radiance Renewal Crème – a fast-acting radiance renewal clear gel-like crème that helps to create a remarkably even-toned and radiant complexion. Apply this in the morning before your sunscreen, under makeup. It feels amazing and you can feel your skin tightening. I use this around my eyes too.
  4.  RxVital Revitalizing Serum – a powerful wrinkle fighting and an intense revitalizing serum that is applied at night, providing your skin with the highest concentration of the exclusive RxGen Complex. I use this around my eyes as well. When you wake up, your skin looks amazing.
The system is so easy and you will soon find you don’t need additional neck creams, eye serums and all the other products you have amassed in your quest for more youthful looking and feeling skin. It’s actually quite freeing. Better yet, the system is quite affordable. Due to to his devotion to his community and helping those in need (the products were originally formulated for skincare issues associated with cancer treatments), Dr. Gibson decided to make the RxGenesys products available to everyone, even though the products could be sold for more than $400. The result is the most powerful anti-aging on the market today, at a price that is affordable at nearly any budget. So clearly I could hardly wait to get home and try my new skincare products. I could not believe how much time I was able to save getting ready for bed that first evening. The system is ridiculously easy. My skin looked and felt better by morning, but after about 2 weeks of use is when I really noticed a difference. My neck looked tighter and my skin more radiant. People were commenting how rested and good I looked. It just keeps getting better too. I’ve even had less breakout (yes, I still get those. It’s God’s cruel joke) and my skin is firmer and smoother than it has been in years. RxGenesys is the future of anti-aging and puts an end to the quest for the ultimate anti-aging system. As the perfect merge of technology derived from award-winning stem cell research and powerful natural ingredients, the RxGenesys skin care system is ready to rock the world. It’s here. Finally. Paulina, Display, RxGenesys You will soon be seeing infomercials on the system and for now you may only purchase it online. RxGenesys Complete Beauty System (all 4 products), $160 plus $9.99 (S&H) for a 3 month supply, also comes with a FREE travel-size kit that lasts 2 weeks (I know). -Lauren Dimet Waters Samples provided for review, but opinions are expressly my own.

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