The Tremendous Beauty Transformations of 2013

This year brought many transformations to the celebrity scene. From dyed locks to cutting everything off, who knew that a new hairdo could start such an uproar? Lets not forget the plastic surgeries and makeup skills that made a celebrity that we thought we knew look like someone completely different.
beyonce transformationBeyoncé
We thought her secret album dropping was an Internet bomb going off, but that was not the first time The Queen has surprised the world. Back in August Beyoncé Instagrammed a selfie but not with her long luscious locks but with a short pixie cut. However, it didn’t last long because a few days later she was seen with a chin-length bob.
aniston transformationJennifer Aniston
Seen as one of America’s sweethearts and also the sporter “The Rachel” hairstyle back in the ‘90s, we never tire of Aniston. We rarely see her take a risk when it comes to her hair, leaving it the same: sandy brown with golden highlights and shoulder length. So when she stepped out with a new angular bob it created a internet explosion.  Could this be the new “The Rachel” cut?
jlaw transformationJennifer Lawrence
“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” was the buzz on the internet so what else do you do to get ready for the release? Jennifer Lawrence took a risk and brought out her inner beauty queen locks with an edgy pixie. Don’t worry all you The Hunger Games fans – the Katniss braid will be back for the next movie, “Mockingjay.”
katemiddleton transformationKate Middleton
It may not have been the most dramatic transformation, but when you are the Duchess of Cambridge anything you change with your look is a bit of a surprise. Middleton was seen with hair five to six shades darker than her usual medium brown hair. Well, they do say to go darker during the winter.
kardashian transformationKim Kardashian
Known for her curves and her dark brown hair, Kim Kardashian went under many new transformations this year.  She gave birth to her first baby, North West and was also engaged to Kanye West, but we never thought that going blond would be one of them. Back in October at Paris Fashion Week Kardashian tried the caramel ombre look and she obviously liked it – now she’s fully blond.
ladygaga transformationLady Gaga
We are so used to seeing Lady Gaga in the most dramatic outfits and makeup, but now Gaga has been seen frequently with natural looking wigs and close to no makeup at all. Could it be her obsession with Botticelli’s foam-cleansed Venus that got her hooked to the natural look?
pamand transformationPamela Anderson
The blond bombshell Pamela Anderson decided to go for a more adult look. Back in October she made the decision to chop off all of her golden blond locks for a Charlize Theron-like pixie cut. We think it’s a huge improvement.
renee transformationRenée Zellweger
Did she have work done or didn’t she? This question is still trying to be answered. We are used to seeing Zellweger with more of a round face and squinty eyes. However, in November at Armani’s “One Night Only” event, Zellweger was seen to have more of a wide eye and stiff forehead. She looks unrecognizable. What do you think?
shailene transformationShailene Woodley
Even though it was not a spur-of-the-moment hair cut, we are still in shock over Shailene Woodley’s new pixie cut. She shaved her head for a part in the upcoming film “The Fault in Our Stars,” where Woodley plays a cancer-stricken teen. Just like Emma Watson, could the pixie cut be a sign of a celebrity blooming into bigger stardom?
zooey transformationZooey Deschanel
The triple threat (singer, actress, and songwriter) Zooey Deschanel can be recognized by her bangs. However, critics went crazy when Deschanel stepped out at the Met Gala without her signature bangs. You could even say some were going to start a search group for the real Deschanel.
– Rachel Bogo
Source: NY Post

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