The Thing I Am Loving Today: V73 Printed Canvas Tote

Sometimes you just come across something that makes you smile.  This V73 Printed Canvas Tote does just that! It’s a step up from the Together bag by Thursday Friday I already own and carry to the gym with me (red Birkin on white canvas). I take such pleasure bringing my obvious copy to my Upper East Side gym where several of the women bring real Birkins. Yes, Birkins as a gym bag, but I digress. This version not only comes in 5 various colors, the canvas background is dark grey! It also has a magnetic closure, lining, internal pockets (2 which zip) and a charm that hangs from one of the straps. Just think how cool I would look at the gym now! Take that Birkin ladies! Gah.
V73 Printed Canvas Tote, $281.69
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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