The Miracle Worker: Anti-Cyst Treatment by Renée Rouleau

renee-rouleau-anti-cyst-treatmentI don’t do stress well. I know – who does? Even though I spend most of my waking hours trying to fight fine lines, wrinkles and sag, I still get the occasional cystic-type blemish. You know, the ones that you feel deep down, are painful and never erupt? Adult acne sucks and usually arrives in the form of a cyst. I’ve tried everything from toothpaste to over-the-counter acne products to cortisone shots and have always wondered why I have to visit the dermatologist to get results. Why can’t I buy a product that works?
I received a bottle of Anti-Cyst Treatment by Renée Rouleau last month and the timing could not have been more fortuitous. I have had some major events occur in my life recently that have been incredibly stressful and painful which unfortunately resulted in some epic eruptions within the deep recesses of my chin. I call them “undergrounders” and they can keep residence under my skin for weeks. I know not to pick them because it’s futile and usually just results in the bugger staying longer and/or a lingering scar.
Anywho, I applied a bit of the clear gel to the offending buggers this last stressful episode and within a couple of days they were gone! This product is most assuredly staying close at hand. It sure beats running to and paying for the dermatologist to give me a cortisone shot. Who has time for that?
Cysts should never be picked at since they develop and heal deep within the skin and are not meant to come out to the surface. Avoid picking and instead apply Anti-Cyst Treatment by Renée Rouleau – it’s a lot easier to conceal a closed bump with makeup than an oozing scab. This product also works brilliantly on ingrown hairs, new surface blemishes, back-ne and chest-ne. You can literally see results overnight.
Simply apply a drop to the area after it as cleaned, as soon as you feel a cyst form. I use it once in the morning under makeup and right before bed. To prevent cysts apply Anti-Cyst Treatment 2-3 times a week on areas prone to cysts and regular blemishes
Anti-Cyst Treatment by Renée Rouleau, $41.50
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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