The Father's Day Gift Of All Time: Skagen Denmark Aktiv

The original Skagen on the left and the new invika on the right.
The original Skagen on the left and the new Skagen Aktiv on the right.
About 15 years ago I gave my dad a Skagen Denmark watch for Father’s Day. I remember at the time thinking he needed a ‘hipper’ watch because he either wore (and still does) one of his 3 antique Rolex watches or his trusty Timex which he takes on his annual fishing trip because it never looses a second! He was in desperate need of an ‘in-between’ watch in my opinion, so I gave him the black-faced, silver mesh-strap watch pictured below.
Out with the old...
Out with the old…
Styles have changed so much since then and I can’t trust my father to buy an updated sporty watch, so I took matters into my own hands. If timing is everything then there was no better time than Father’s Day to present him with the brand new Skagen Denmark ‘AKTIV’ Titanium watch which is new for Spring ’13. I thought this watch would be perfect for my dad. Even though he really doesn’t play or work all day (he’s retired), he still views the world as his playground, therefore I felt he needed a sportier watch. What I was particularly drawn to is what I admire Skagen for…functionality paired with minimalism.
The AKTIV is available in three styles; SKW6007, SKW6008 and SKW6006 which all feature large round cases with top rings made of classic titanium, a high-quality material known for its long-lasting durability and virtual weightlessness – essential for active lifestyles. For ease in body movement and to keep with a casual appeal, AKTIV features a stainless steel signature mesh or titanium link band– available in either grey or ion-plated black. The grey face features an orange inner dial and the black features a lighter grey. The integration of these timeless elements combined with high-quality craftsmanship express a lifestyle defined by the active man wearing it – modest yet bold, youthful yet mature, ever-evolving and full of energy. Needless to say, I picked a winner. I was secretly hopping he wouldn’t like it so I could borrow it, but as you can see below…he’s not letting it go so easily.
Wearing the new Aktiv
Wearing the new Aktiv
You don’t need to wait for Father’s Day or a birthday to get the man in your life his own AKTIV. Check out the Skagen Denmark AKTIV collection here. – Lauren Dimet Waters

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