The Face: Season 1 Episode 5: Sandra's Downfall

Sandra is Eliminated.

Wait a minute, did this week’s commercial give away which team wins the photo shoot? Yep, Karolina is seen walking out of the elimination room with scenes of Naomi calling Karolina stupid. We can guess that Team Karolina wins while a girl from Team Naomi must be going home. We were so intrigued…who gets eliminated??
The episode starts with a commercial for Test Shoot #5: Chemistry 101 featuring Christian Louboutin. The girls have to work with a male model and bring chemistry on set in a seductive scene while showcasing their heels. For the example, they bring NY Knicks captain Amar’e Stoudemire (a little random to us) to do a commercial with Naomi. Once the camera starts to roll, Naomi turns on the sex appeal and has major chemistry with Amar’e. Devyn and Sandra are very excited to do the commercial with Amar’e, but he’s only for show and runs off set as quickly as he gets on. Oh, did we mention that the winner of this challenge gets her own pair of Louboutins? We are so jealous. Some girls who stuck out in the challenge included Jocelyn who had high expectations for herself to bring ‘sexy’ on set since it’s ‘easy’ for her, but no surprise here again, she flops miserably. Zilin does very well on set and has instant connection with the male model, the only thing that kills her is her accent that no one can understand. Devyn second week in a row does very well in her shoot, even Naomi admits that Devyn could win (we are changing our predictions!), and Stephanie brought her A game and shocked everyone again when she did well. Apparently, most interesting was saved for last with Sandra. She came with a game plan to do something different on set. As she walked to the model to deliver her ending line, she kisses him on the neck, or as Naomi described ‘she ate the model.’ Naomi starts laughing uncontrollably at Sandra for a while, which makes Sandra furious. Sandra then gets really defensive with Naomi and snaps at her on set for being mean. She then refused to shoot again and walked off set to start packing for home. Naomi runs after her and scolds her that she takes things too personally and is very unprofessional. Naomi then leaves the set too. Diva 1 and diva 2. At the end of the test shoot, Nigel announces that Sandra is disqualified from the round and that surprise surprise Stephanie wins. Not saying she doesn’t deserve the pair of shoes, but we’ve noticed that Stephanie doesn’t know much about fashion let alone Christian Louboutin. Maybe we are just jealous.
Test Shoot #5: Devyn on The Face

Next was the challenge featuring and guest judge John Caplan, CEO of Opensky is where users can connect with industry leaders in their favorite items through videos and pictures. For this challenge, the teams picks a favorite item and has to create a video of why they love the item. They will have 20 minutes to shoot a full commercial, and they have to do the commercial all in one take. That sounds tough. Up first is Team Karolina with Devyn and Ebony. They chose a natural hair product that both of them like to use on themselves and on their daughter’s. Overall, their commercial came out very natural since they were personally connecting with the product. Next was Team Coco. Margaux and Stephanie chose a black blazer. We see a very shy Margaux out-shined by an outgoing Stephanie. We knew Naomi made the wrong choice in not eliminating her. Stephanie is becoming bigger and bigger competition! Lastly, was Team Naomi. Sandra was back to her usual self, but the team struggled with deliverance overall. Zilin was barely understandable, Jocelyn was too stiff and Sandra just couldn’t connect. Why? Because they chose to represent a bean bag chair. We are shaking our head at Naomi for putting this idea into their heads in the first place! When viewing all the commercials with the judges, all of them turned out fine, but there was one sure winner that stuck out. Our commercial predictions were right, Team Karolina won the challenge and each girl received $1,000 to shop on
So, who to send in the elimination round? It was pretty obvious. Margaux was the weaker link during the entire episode, and though Naomi claimed it was hard to pick between Sandra and Jocelyn, she chose Sandra for elimination. This time, Karolina played it tough in the elimination room and interrogated Sandra on how she would act with a client and why Margaux thought she was better than Sandra. It all came down to Sandra’s attitude and unprofessionalism versus Margaux’s lack of personality. Karolina decided to eliminate Sandra (another commercial prediction come true!). When Margaux and Karolina walked back into the room, Naomi flat out called Karolina an idiot for not eliminating the stronger girl and cutting competition. Well, we’re glad for that one because Margaux definitely stands out to us. We’re hoping she makes it to the end.
As for next week, the teams are now all even, making it the competition even fiercer.
– Christine Hopkins
 Photo: Oxygen

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