The Face: Season 1 Episode 4: We Are The Most Miserable Team

The Face Stephanie and Margaux
Stephanie and Margaux of Team Coco

Let”s recap from last week. In Episode 3: Ebony and Brittany are in the bottom two. Brittany receives no pity from Naomi and is eliminated. Team Coco loses two girls at once, leaving only Margaux and Stephanie to win challenges as a team. We see Devyn”s attitude come out as she accuses Margaux of cheating on the Test Shoot. And for once, we don”t see Team Naomi fighting all episode long as they win their second challenge. This week”s commercial wasn”t as tantalizing as the last, but we were waiting to see who”d go home next and if Team Coco would go down to one. This week”s episode did not disappoint.

From the beginning of the episode, Ebony shows off her tougher and stronger side after being in the bottom two. It pays off as she wins the fourth Test Shoot: Move It or Lose It judged by Coco Rocha and featuring choreographer Salim Gauwloos. The challenge was for Salim to teach the models choreography and one by one they perform in a test shoot to get the best movement and photos. Coco judges off of control of the body, timing in the photo and expression or personality. Ebony is first and brings an energetic and powerful performance, no one would ever think she was just in the bottom two. Next is Jocelyn who claims to have taken dance lessons only to deliver an awkward and flat performance. Maybe it”s because we are so sick and tired of seeing her fight with Sandra and acting as if she”s better than everyone, that we delight (just a little bit) in her struggles. Another to note is Stephanie who wows Coco again when she delivers a decent performance. Let”s face it, we all wait for Stephanie to completely fail at the challenges, so when she does a mediocre or average job, we are all stunned. But after this episode, we will be expecting more out of this girl. Margaux is pretty stiff and awkward during the test shoot too, which surprises us, since we expect her to be calm and cool through out every challenge. Lastly, is Devyn. While learning choreography, she becomes very frustrated and walks off the set. Immediately, we think that her catty side is coming out yet again, and apparently it stays for the rest of the episode. Despite her bad attitude, she delivers great photos. Something tells us, we need to rethink our predictions. Ebony and Devyn showed us they are forces to reckon with. As Ebony wins the test shoot, she also wins a home gym set from Mad Dogg Athletics.

The Team Challenge for the week is to shoot a Look Book for Marshall”s Spring collection of dresses. The models can pick whichever dresses they”d like to feature and can choose from the Marshall”s wall of accessories to finish their looks. Behind the scenes, we see Miss Naomi Campbell tear Jocelyn apart for her bad ideas and dictate what the team will wear and do. We would feel bad for Jocelyn except for the part when Naomi asks her to show what poses she will do on set, and Jocelyn refuses saying “I will do normal catalogue stuff” and “I got this.” We don”t like her overconfidence. In the next room, we see Karolina giving advice to her girls and changing Devyn”s dress. Devyn gets frustrated since her dress is very girly and vibrant. We were so shocked when she gives Karolina attitude. In the last room, we see Stephanie and Margaux working well with each other and with Coco, but when they get to set, celebrity stylist and judge Jen Rade heckles them for taking so long to get ready. Again, we were so shocked to see supermodel Coco get heckled. Though Stephanie did very well on her test shoot with movement and fluidity, she does poorly on the set with Marshall”s as the client says she”s too “stiff” and looks like she”s “acting not modeling.” The judge was quite vocal and quite loud about her opinions of Stephanie on set. Of course though, Margaux saves the If you want to play casino games on the Web, we have compiled the selection of the best online casino s for you. day with a stunning performance that was quite opposite of her test shoot. Because of Margaux, Team Coco does pretty average. Team Karolina”s girls, despite the drama with Devyn over her dresses and Madeleine”s lack of coordination on the test shoot, does pretty well. All of their photos come out decently, especially Devyn who delivers a great photo despite her attitude. At that point, we were thinking that Team Karolina has it in the bag. Lastly, is Team Naomi lead and directed by Naomi. Even the client comments that Naomi is a drill sergeant with her girls. Sandra and Zilin deliver good performances on set, but Jocelyn even though she”s “got this” does poorly in her individual shots. It”s obvious that Naomi is frustrated with her, and it”s obvious that Jocelyn just doesn”t know what she”s doing. After Sandra does well on set, Jocelyn asks Naomi if she can take more photos to get the best shot. Naomi responds, “No, you had you”re chance.” And we see Jocelyn defeated yet again.


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So who wins this challenge? We predicted Team Karolina, but surprise! Team Naomi wins again third time in a row! We see Miss Naomi Campbell cry at the unveiling of the winner as she professes that she”s become so close to her girls. So, at this point, the show is only half way done. We thought to ourselves, “Boy, they breezed through the challenges. What are they going to do for half an hour?” Well, after two commercial breaks in a row, we see what they”ve allotted a good 10 minutes for…another fight between Jocelyn and Sandra. Over what? They just won! Turns out, Jocelyn dislikes how happy Sandra is about winning. They start yelling at each other again, and Naomi comes into the room lecturing all of them about how they are the most miserable team in the competition. We guess winning isn”t everything, Naomi! The group has a share your feelings session and Jocelyn admits that she feels Naomi favors Sandra over her. Guess the truth comes out, Jocelyn is just jealous! Naomi explains that she treats everyone equally, it”s just that Jocelyn tells her she doesn”t need her help. Despite this last minute drama and fighting, Team Naomi is safe. It”s the other girls we need to worry about. From Team Coco, Stephanie is chosen for the third time to go into elimination due to the client”s harsh criticism. It was touching to see Coco taking ownership over the girls” losses saying that she has such a unique way of modeling (she was discovered at an Irish Dance Competition) that works for her, but she”s realizing it doesn”t work for others. From Team Karolina, Madeleine is chosen for elimination because of her stiffness in both challenges.


Naomi is as grueling as ever in this elimination round. She grills both girls in why they deserve to stay and asks Madeleine if she thinks Jen Rade made the wrong decision in picking her look book over Karolina”s. Quite the uncomfortable question we must say. In the end, Naomi eliminates Madeleine for not being memorable. We can attest to that throughout the past few episodes, however we don”t think Stephanie is the better model in this situation. Stephanie thinks she”s stepping up her game, but Naomi admits to the audience that she eliminated the stronger girl out of strategy. Poor Madeleine! We hope that Stephanie doesn”t surprise Naomi in the end!

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–Christine Hopkins

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