The Face: Season 1 Episode 3: Emotional Rollercoaster


We”re not going to lie, the build up to this week”s episode of The Face has been intense. This episode”s commercial included snippets of models falling while on their runway, girls crying and one girl leaving the competition early. It”s been such a tantalizing commercial, we couldn”t wait for Tuesday at 9 pm to roll around. And boy, were we right, this week”s episode was chalk full of drama and emotions like jealously, passion and sadly…sob stories.

After watching the commercials, we knew that Marlee was going home because of unfortunate financial problems. So, we knew that Team Coco is now down to three girls, and the playing field is evenly matched between each coach. The question is, who”s going home next? Which coach will only have 2 girls?

Karolina Shows them how “The Quick Change” is done!

The third test shoot, “The Quick Change,” featured Christian Siriano clothing, Marshall”s accessories and a $5,000 shopping spree to Marshall”s. The challenge was to pick an outfit and accessories, change into all the pieces and walk down the runway in the least amount of time. Karolina was the judge and used the opportunity to scope out the competition. We used to be skeptical of Karolina”s competitive side, but she”s surprised us with her strategic thinking through out the episode. Devyn was the leader in the competition with a time of 1:09 in scrambling into an outfit and walking down the runway. She thinks she has the entire challenge in the bag until Margaux, the last girl to go, beats her by 2 seconds. Devyn, jealous and upset, then accuses Margaux of cheating in hopes of still winning. Nigel and Karolina decides that Margaux is ok, while the rest of us shake our head at Devyn for trying to throw a girl under the bus. We had more expectations for the mother who is supposedly in this competition for her daughter. We”re hoping she will set a better example next time.


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After the quick change shoot, Marlee gives news to Coco that she will leave the competition for her daughter and family at home who is struggling financially. Coco”s team is cut down by one, and the teams are even as they head into the bridal team challenge featuring dresses from Kleinfeld”s. The models have to walk down a runway, modeling gorgeous gowns and the audience votes for their favorite model. The team who has the most votes wins the challenge. The only problem is the steep You can expect these Blackjack casino games to only get better as time continues to pass on by. flight of stairs they have to walk up and down to get to the runway. First to go is Stephanie, and we are all eyes on the weakest girl in the competition. We wait for her to fall down the stairs, but surprisingly she does very well. We see catwalks in her future. Next to go is Brittany who dons an unconventional black wedding gown. Though the dress stands out, her strange modeling and overdone walk does not. Other girls fare the stairs pretty well except for Margaux and Madeleine who trips up the stairs and Ebony who slips in her dress down the stairs. The show ends with Sandra, who cried during practice from being too scared of the stairs, and Zilin (who wears the heaviest gown in the competition) who both do very well and stun the crowd. When it comes time to judging, there”s no surprise that Team Naomi wins with more than half the votes. Now it”s time for Coco and Karolina to choose a girl to send home.

We were surprised when Karolina nominated Ebony over Madeleine as a strategy. From the first 2 episodes, we didn”t know she had a competitive bone in her, but then again, she is on top in the industry where no one is your friend. Coco nominates Brittany even though Margaux was the one to fall and mess up. We weren”t shocked at that decision. Margaux is too good to let go or risk in the elimination room with Miss Naomi. Both Brittany and Ebony plead with Naomi with the same sob stories that we”ve heard in episode 1 and episode 2 (and preliminary episode for Brittany since she cried her way onto the show). Naomi is very hard on the girls (which we secretly loved), and despite the tears rolling down each girls” face, she declares that their sob stories won”t work on her. So harsh, right? But come on, it”s a competition, and at least she”s being real (we never believed the fluff Tyra put into her shows). In the end, she eliminates Brittany. Team Coco is now down to two, and Karolina”s strategy works. We can”t wait for next week”s episode to see who goes home next and if Coco will soon go down to just 1.

Predictions: Now that we are a few episodes into the show, we wanted to give some predictions.

Break out style stars after the show is over: Margaux and Zilin

The girl who surprises everyone and makes it to the end: Stephanie

First coach to go: Karolina (even though she is strategizing, the other coaches have stronger girls)

The top three girls: Margaux, Zilin and Stephanie

Winning girl: Stephanie (ok, there may be big doubts about this one, but someone might have spotted Stephanie out with Coco at NYFW going to a few shows…just saying!)

– Christine Hopkins

Photo from Oxygen


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