The AERIN Beauty Fragrance Collection

AERIN (as in Aerin Lauder) has introduced a new collection of fragrances based on emotion, lifestyle, and aspiration. Encapsulating different expressions of this spirit in five separate scents, the AERIN fragrance collection is the most personal and intimate expression of Aerin’s life and memories. Whether evoking the feeling of sunshine on a long walk on the beach or the cozy peacefulness of a quiet retreat in the mountains, each fragrance tells its own story. Playful, modern, and stylish, the AERIN Fragrance Collection provides an escape to experience something different with each fragrance.
Created with the finest ingredients and carefully curated by Aerin, each of the five fragrances bottles represents an aspect of AERIN. The five distinct scents – Gardenia Rattan, Amber Musk, Lilac Path, Ikat Jasmine, and Evening Rose – are vastly different and luxuriously personal.
I was fortunate to have an opportunity to sample all five and my personal favorite was the Evening Rose, but I actually loved the Amber Musk and Lilac Path almost as much.
The love of roses is a Lauder family tradition. Evening Rose is about a woman who is strong and assertive, yet feminine. The combination of rose and cognac is so unusual and surprising, similar to the woman who’s drawn to this fragrance. Evening Rose is vibrant with contrast. Juicy Blackberry and rich Cognac unexpectedly blend with voluptuous Rose Centifolia and Bulgarian Rose Absolute in an irresistible fragrance. Incense, sensuous and luxurious, imparts soft warmth, like a lingering memory of an unforgettable evening. The richly pigmented AERIN for Lee Jofa “Hither” pattern on the Evening Rose carton was adapted from an English Jacobean hand-blocked linen from the Lee Jofa archive, dating back to the early twentieth century.
Find the one that suits your personality.
The AERIN Fragrance Collection, $110 each
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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