Teen Entrepreneur: Carley's Kicks For Cure

carleys_kicks_for_cure While at a local nail salon waiting for my manicure to dry last Saturday (feeling sorry for myself I didn’t have a daughter to bring with me), I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to me about one of my favorite subjects…shoes. She was with what I assumed to be her two daughters. Turns out one was the daughter of a family friend. This adorable young girl proceeded to tell me about her older sister and how she creates art on canvas sneakers and donates half the money she makes to charity. She was so proud of her big sister and began showing me Instagram pictures of her work. I was blown away. As soon as I returned home I found her website and was even more impressed…so I reached out to her. For one, I wanted to know more and two, I’d like her to decorate my sons’ favorite superheros on a pair of Vans (The Hulk for my older son, Captain America for the younger one). Their heads would explode.

14 year-old Carley Schor is a high school student in Port Washington, NY, talented artist and founder of Carley’s Kicks for Cure. The story goes… she wanted to buy her own sneakers and decorate them with her artwork. As soon as she wore them to school, they became a ‘thing’ as these things tend to do in high school. Others wanted their own pairs so with the help of her parents she launched her business this past September. She also decided to donate half the money she raises to Autism charities. Dear friends of her family have an Autistic son named Tyler whom she loves and adores – like her own brother. Helping others like him who deal with this disorder find a cure is extremely important to her and she says it makes her feel better knowing she is doing something. Impressive right?

Carley with Tyler
Carley with Tyler & his favorite kicks

Want your own pair? Simply send Carley the correct-sized pair of any plain white canvas shoe (Converse, Vans, Superga, Keds…which you can have shipped to her direct from Zappos) then contact her with your vision and the colors you prefer. She charges $30 (plus $10 for shipping and handling) for low-tops and $40 (plus $10 for shipping and handling) for high-tops. She uses Sharpie pens and assures me the colors stay put. Within one to two weeks your one-of-a-kind original work of art on canvas will be shipped to you (or whomever you desire).

A pair typically takes her a day or two to complete and currently she is averaging 2-3 pairs a week. But don’t worry, she will gladly take on more work. Since she started her business she has completed over 50 pairs – mostly through word-of-mouth. I would love to see her get flooded with orders! Of course not so many that she can’t finish her homework, but enough to make a huge contribution to Autism and her college fund.


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Carley's Kicks For Cure
Of course. The Dead.

If you were at a loss for an original gift idea – I found it! Carley’s Kicks For Cure are not just for kids either…just take a look at some of her completed kicks of art. Clearly she knows some Deadheads. Then again, who doesn’t?

I’ll be sure to share pics of my little Superhero’s finished kicks (just as soon as I can find their sizes).

Visit Carley’s Kicks For Cure.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. My grandson is so happy and proud to wear his to school! Carley did a fabulous job — and knowing that some of the money goes to such a wonderful cause, makes me lucky to know her.


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