Celebrity Hairstylist Ted Gibson Replaces Nick Arrojo on 'What Not To Wear'

We'll miss you Nick! 

Is it true?! Can it be?! reports have just been confirmed by WWD that longtime hair stylist and owner of the quirkiest accent in the T.V. biz, Nick Arrojo, has left his long standing post at TLC's 'What Not To Wear.' Arrojo has been the makeover show's resident stylist for the past six seasons, creating fabulous  'Afters' of many very tragic 'Befores'. Although the stylist had his own lovable brand of charisma, apparent when coaxing a particularly stubborn guest to cut off her braid, the network's heads seemingly thought that Arrojo may be losing his touch. TLC executives said, “The show is in its seventh season and we have been making some changes to keep it fresh. This is one part of that.” Aw. This may be just as sad as the endless parade of mom jeans that appear on the show.

So who will fill in as makeup artist Carmindy's spunky sidekick? The position has supposedly already been filled by celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson. Gibson's official debut on the show is slated for July 24th, though the stylist has already taped five episodes and is expecting to shoot another twenty shows by the end of the year. Gibson has previously been featured on shows like "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", "Movie and a Makeover", and "Oprah." But the "What Not To Wear" role, Gibson claims, will be more permanent. On taking on his upcoming role, Gibson said, “I want to expand the idea of what I do on a regular basis by showing how they [women] can take their look and go from ordinary and take it to extraordinary.” Let's just hope he can acquire the same amount of 'Shut Ups' from show stylist Stacy London.


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Article Source: WWD

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-Alia Rajput

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