Tame Your Mane With Summer Barrettes

It’s summer, it’s humid, it’s hot and should I even mention — global warming! Being out and about this season and wearing your hair down is basically like playing a game of truth or dare to see how fast it can frizz out in the summer sun. We’ve all had those days when our luscious locks seem to take on a life of their own, but now here are some cute accessories to help you defeat the weather maintain your  perfectly groomed hair. Hair barrettes are an easy way to take your up-do to the next level as well as keeping your hair out of your face and in its place.

These Chanel resin-and-metal hair clips, starting at $625 are absolutely perfect for summer. Their appearance has that certain sparkle that easily grabs the eye as well as adds the finishing touches to a simple hair style.



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The Henri Bendel Duo pyramid stud bobby pins,which are $28 per pair, are simple for an on the go look to keep those strands of hair from flying in the wind.

These Rodarte gold-plated metal head pieces with star clusters, that retail for $690 each are by far my favorite hair accessory. The star clusters are both fun and elegant and they certainly stand out in a crowd. They kind of add a grecian-esque feel to the hairstyle. – Jamie Wilson Source & Images: Vogue

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