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Beekman 1802 mansion

Hanging Out On The Farm With The Beekman Boys and HSN!

Hi, Neighbor! I bought the farm! Just kidding. I did visit one however. On a beautiful fall day I boarded a really Read More


Pearly Whites: A Guide to White After Labor Day

Yeah, yeah… you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but who really came up with that rule in the first place?


Lifestyle: Your Guide To A Summer City Hall Wedding

Love is still in the air! What a great time to tie the knot, right? Maybe you’re not into the big hoopla of seated dinners, tablescapes and spending over $40,000 for a single day. It’s just as quaint and beautiful to get married at City Hall. And a lot less expensive


Vacation Packing Guide: Fashion for The Great Outdoors

It is summer in the northern hemisphere and therefore it’s time to enjoy everything that Mother Nature has to offer. And it’s also the centennial anniversary of the U.S. National Park system, if that’s your kind of thing. Granted, hiking, trekking, and generally traipsing through the wilderness aren’t necessarily the most fashionable pursuits, but it is possible to still look pretty chic in the woods, desert, mountains, rainforest or environment of your choice.


Lifestyle: London Calling

We’re smack dab in the middle of global Fashion Week. First stop as always was New York City, home of the ensemble of black on black with a little more black. Following up is one of my favorite places for architecture, history and style (and not just for fashion week): London!


What To Wear Now: Coming Home In Style

Shopping for souvenirs – or gifts for yourself – while on vacation can be one of the most fun, self-indulgent aspects of Read More


Must-Know Tips To Keep You Fit: How To Video

It has only been one month since everyone set their New Year’s fitness resolutions to exercise more, get to (or join) the Read More