What To Wear Now: A Stylish Spring Break

You might associate spring break with high school and college kids going wild in Cancun or whatever the hot destination of choice is this year. And while, that’s a thing, grown women might deserve a spring break even more – and what’s better, we can do it in style.

Packing For A Weekend At The Beach

I love a weekend away at the beach, but oddly the packing is a nightmare! I literally can’t stand it. You have to pack so many items “just in case.” Are the evenings cold? You need a light sweater. Are you going out for dinner? You need a cute dress. Then the swimsuits and coverups and the clothes to change in to after the beach? When I see other articles or posts with a bikini, a dress you can use as a cover up and to wear out and, with a hat, sunglasses and a pair of sandals, I say bullshit. Here is what I packed for a 2 night, 3 day trip to the beach