The Robe: A Summer Wardrobe Essential

As you already know, I’m all about pajama dressing. I love that the lingerie-as-daywear trend has legs and it’s not just for the festival loving 20-somethings either! Wear a mid length silky robe as a jacket or a longer style on cool summer evenings. Look for a satin or silk in solid black or a pattern that speaks to you (like florals or stripes). Be careful to avoid the telltale lace trim or it will be a dead giveaway the robe is really meant to stay indoors.

Wear your robe open with the belt tied in the back as an over coat with a simple and fitted outfit underneath like skinny jeans and a tank, or my favorite…a silk sleeveless jumpsuit. Or you can wear a robe tied as a dress…as long as it hits past the knee. You are NOT to old to rock this effortless look. Trust me, I wear my robe in public all the time…and I’m pretty sure I look chic, not homeless.