A Perfect Pair: The White Shirt & Midi Skirt

No longer into shorts? I get it. Bermudas are too long and I no longer feel comfortable in shorts. But it’s summer, and I want to look great and stay cool at the same time. So here is an on trend pairing I LOVE: a crisp white cotton shirt (usually a button down) with a patterned midi skirt. It’s so easy and looks amazing at any age. If you get too hot in long sleeves (even rolled up) then try a short-sleeve or sleeveless version. Add your favorite pointy-toe flats, sandals or even sneakers and you are off and running. For the entire day.

Runway To Real Way: Sleek, Sophisticated Summer Whites

The summer solstice kicked off this week which means the clock is officially ticking on getting the most mileage out of your whites until Labor Day. And while a breezy white is practically a staple in your summer closet, we’ve combed the digital racks to handpick our standouts for a sleek, sophisticated look you can wear all season long.

Outfit For Summer: Let’s Go Crazy (Pants)

If you are like me and prefer to wear wild, bold colorful prints in the summer….when you’re over 40 pants are actually the way to go. To avoid looking too clownish tone down a pair of crazy print pants with an oversized tunic top. I’m wearing a cotton v-neck sweater in an XL I found in the clearance rack at Kohl’s, but this Equipment ‘Asher’ V-Neck Cashmere Sweater is going on my must-have list. (You can’t have too many black v-necks).