Sorry, Mom! The Best Belated Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It happens to the best of us. We start working on many different things, not realizing the dates on the calendar. Then, it hits you. it could either be in the dead of night, dripping from a cold sweat or throwing a side-eye to all the extra families at brunch on Sunday. You forgot it’s Mother’s Day, and even worse is you don’t have a gift to show for it.

high waisted jeans 6 pairs on models

The Mother of All Jeans: High Waisted Jeans

Remember a decade ago when it seemed you had to wear your jeans super low? We saw more thongs than we wanted to. Thank GOD that trend has passed. Well one trend I am absolutely loving is the high waisted jean. Why? Because it holds everything in and makes you look slimmer!

nyfw fall 17 trends top 10

Top 10 NYFW Fall ’17 Trends Women Over 40 Can Wear

New York Fashion Week is always an explosion of trends and this season was no exception. Yet, as we age less and less seems wearable. Lauren and Carol of Fountain Of 30 have taken a long hard look at the week that was and have narrowed down the Top 10 NYFW Fall ’17 trends women over 40 can wear next fall.

Happy New Year 2017… See You Next Year!

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Happy New Year 2017 from Fountain Of 30, where we never get old because we keep finding new ways to stay (or fool people we are) young! We will be off on Monday but back next year on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Stay safe – but chic!

Shoe Trend: Block Heel Ankle Strap Pumps

At first I was not sure this trend was age appropriate. Then Carol and I got to talking about how to style fall’s hot shoe trend: block heel ankle strap pumps and I was won over. They are a more sophisticated Mary Jane style and I particularly love the ones with multi straps. You can go a little crazy with the pattern since baroque and florals are so in this season but that could look a little too trendy if you are over 40 and don’t know how to pull the look off properly (don’t go there unless you really know what you are doing or are a fashion risk taker). A safer bet is a black suede, patent or velvet block heel ankle strap pump