Bright As Hell Shoes For Spring

Personally I tend to shy away from bright colors – at least on my body. Yet when it comes to shoes, I am willing to go there. The brightly colored shoes that stomped the Spring ’16 runways are getting my juices flowing and now they are trickling down from high-end to mass retailers. So if you are like me and lean towards a rather muted color palette (black, navy, white) but wouldn’t mind adding a shock of color, try some on your feet – and I’m not just talking about your polish. Go color crazy! I’m talking every color of the rainbow in one shoe too.

Summer Trend: Neck Scarves!

From Grease to Roman Holiday, neck scarves have been a staple accessory for adventurous women. Outside the big screen, though, women on and off the catwalk have been making these their go-to summer accessories. It’s lightweight, versatile, and can be dressed up for a nice evening out or toned down for a family BBQ by …

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Fall '14 Trend: Colorblock Bags

I don’t know about you, but have not yet grown tired of colorblocking. Good thing because season after season, the trend shows no signs of stopping. So if you haven’t invested in colorblocking yet, do so now. Colorblock bags perfectly compliment a mostly black wardrobe (like my own) and come in a huge range of …

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Fashionattitude: Street Style From Aspen

While vacationing this August in Aspen I’m enjoying the warm sunny days and cool crisp evenings. I’ve been dining al fresco and listening to the charming classical street musicians and I’m highly entertained by the people watching, including some startling work done on several old acquaintances. Let’s just say … they got a little help …

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Today’s Fashion Headlines: Salvatore Ferragamo's Homage to the Foot, Dov Charney Suspended, Cindy Crawford's New Book

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Homage to the Foot The Museo Salvatore Ferragamo launched its new exhibit “Equilibrium” on Wednesday. The exhibit is an exploration of the structure, scientific, artistic and cultural importance of the foot for keeping body’s equilibrium in motion. Running through April 12, 2015, the new exhibit takes Ferragamo’s methods, research and fascination as starting …

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