Denim, Denim Everywhere: Denim Accessories

Dark blue, light blue, white, black. Our love of denim shows no signs of ever stopping. Now it has evolved to denim accessories. Especially when you notice designer brands like Fendi, Gucci and Valentino with gorgeous denim handbags for spring ’16. And let’s not forget about Jimmy Choo, Vince and Manolo Blahnik denim shoes. So I started poking around a and found denim accessories at every price point.

Introducing Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

Angel Cutsforth for Second City Style Magazine The easiest way to bring vintage into your wardrobe is by using accessories. I have my personal favorite accessories (hats being my current obsession) but there are so many different accessories you can use to get the vintage look you want — and in some cases you don't …

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