Project Runway Season 8 Episode 4: Hats Off To You: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


This week's episode of Project Runway starts out on a grim note, as we're immediately reminded of Ivy fainting and paramedics surrounding her from last week's episode. After she's taken to the hospital and the designers wait to find out her diagnosis, Gretchen and Valerie speculate on what could have been the cause. They realize that she had been so stressed about her last outfit that she had not eaten and had been hyped up on nicotine and caffeine, which was the probable cause of her fainting. Sure enough, Ivy returns and says the doctors told her she was dehydrated. She notes learning the valuable lesson of the importance of taking care of your body, and adds that she can't wait to start on an outfit, inspired by her hospital room.

But there's no time for that now, as Heidi Klum emerges to tell the designers of their next challenge. Instead of telling them, Heidi brings out the models and the designers are in awe as each one sports a gorgeously dramatic hat. Heidi introduces the group to the artist/designer of the hats, legendary milliner Philip Treacy, and tell them that their challenge is to create a look inspired by a Philip Treacy hat, one that will complement the beauty and artful nature of the hat. Every designer picks the model they've worked with previously, and the hat they're wearing, for the challenge. As a word of advice, Treacy himself says that, when designing, to think in terms of the volume and proportion of the silhouette of the individual you're designing for. He also warns, "Matching is old hat."


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The designers get to have their hats in the workroom with them as they make their initial sketches, then its off to Mood with their $150 budget. As he peruses the overwhelming shelves, Mondo says "The fabrics have voices, and I'm hearing them." Many seem truly driven by their hats, but Kristin is having trouble "making a story" out of her orchid shaped one. Later in the day, she finds inspiration from her own wedding, where she says wore orchids in her hair, and the overall themes of love and romance. The designers wish Michael C. a happy father's day and he muses that he hopes he'll get to see his 6 year old son soon.

But all the lighthearted sentiments go out the window when Tim Gunn comes in for an inspection of the designers progress. He has questions for everyone and few compliments at this point, as he asks Valerie what the purpose is for her zippers, calls April's shorts diapers, tells Christopher he may be trying too hard and advises Michael C. to scrap his design altogether and start over. He also tells Casanova that his dress has been seen a million times already and channel Donna Karan circa 1988. Though Casanova seems unphased by the critique, panic mode starts to set in around the workroom……later that night at The Atlas, the girls and guys all dish on their picks and pans for the challenge. Some of the guys are skeptical on Michael D.'s "cardboard" fabric, while Gretchen says she thinks it will be "Peach, Kristin and April" in the bottom this week.


Runway day leaves little time for finishing up the designs, though many of the designers still seem confident in their looks. The designers explain their visions to the Garnier hair team and Loreal cosmetics team and then pick their finishing touches from the Piperlime accessories wall. Philip Treacy makes another appearance to help the models into the hats with the finished outfits on. When its time to leave for the runway, everyone scrapes together their last minute finishing touches and Ivy is so frantic, she bumps into the cameraman on the way out!

After a very dramatic runway show, Michael D., Michael C. and Valerie come out on top while Kristin, Christopher and April ended up in the bottom. Michael D. received raves for his architectural elegance in his warrior/farmer look. Michael C. was praised for his effortless draping and was told his dress was the example of harmony between hat and dress. And Valerie was lauded for her mix of hard and soft shapes and was told the entire look was very well-made. Conversely, Kristin was told her vision of romance was not translated well, her dress was sloppy and the only resemblance it had to the hat were the swatches of bright pink. Christopher was told his look was too dark, too stiff and too heavy. Hedi even said his ensemble made her feel sad. And April was told she had the right idea trying to go with swimwear, but the panty shorts were too unflattering and matchy and her idea was just too plain.

After the judges weighed in, Michael C.'s shimmery draped dress took home the winner of the day (after he had to scrap his entire original design!) and Kristin and her mishmosh orchid dress was out. Even though Michael was thrilled that he won, the other designers could not believe that what they thought of as a half-assed design won over all the judges. Everyone was very vocal on the fact that Michael C. should not have won.

Next week, tensions rise as all the egos and opinions will go head to head on a two team challenge so stay tuned!!

Michael Costello – "You are the winner!


Michael Drummond's Design

Valerie's Design

Christopher's Design

April's Design

Kristin – "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"I love orchids, its on of my favorite flowers but—damn! It's so in your face!"-Kristin

"Theres a million, trillion fabrics to choose from. I think they all have voices, and I'm hearing all of them." -Mondo

"Casanova's kinda being a diva but, you know, that's expected coming from a queen."-Ivy

"The hat brings out your sexy?" "Well look it at it, its just a big vagina!"—Michael C. and Kristin on the orchid

"For me, the cut of the short and the color of the short, it really says diaper." —Timm Gunn to April

"Like you know, fifteen sixteen inches, but you know, not up to show the good china" —Peach on how short her pencil skirt will be

"To me, It says Donna Karan, 1988." —Tim Gunn to Casanova

"I mean, there are many ways to skin a cat. But you should probably bring a knife." —Michael D.

"All the judges are gonna be like, why did you decide to bring a diaper down the runway?" —Michael C. on April

"She have a lot of ideas on how to make a big mess arund the body of the model, but its not design." —Casanova on Kristin

"I'm out of time and I'm out of trick ponys." —Michael D.

"He is making old lady clothes again! Is that what you heard?" —Michael D. to  Casanova

"His fabric looks like a cardboard box."—AJ on Michael D.

"I amy need a stick of butter but I'm going to get this girl into this dress." —Peach

"I think the black satin's definitely not working in your favor."—Michael Kors to Kristin

"It seems sad to me."—Heidi to Christopher

"Even a model cant wear that legging. And then she has this coat made out of drapes." —Michael Kors to Christopher

"Oh no!  I don't know why her panty has a big black zipper in the back!" —Michael Kors to April

"I guess if youre going for a three day weekend, it looks like you layered your underpants for the weekend and each day you unpeeled a layer and you have a new panty!" —Michael Kors to April

"It's what it is. It sucks" —April

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-Alia Rajput

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