Sukara Sterling: 2011 Spring Collection Launch Party


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Sukara Sterling Spring Collection

I had my hands already splayed out, just waiting for the inevitable fall to happen on the incredible slick Chicago pavement. I was beating myself up inside for not going with a more sensible footwear choice to attend the Sukara Sterling Spring Launch Party last Thursday in the West Loop but the possibility of me wiping out in front a bunch of uber cool fashion strangers seem to be my destiny. Sigh.

Thankfully, some fashion god out there took mercy on me that night and I arrived at the door intact, on-time, and in a warm handshake with designer herself. A spirited 26 year old entrepreneur named Sukara Sterling that already had one successful business under her belt and was now working on her second one – her clothing line.


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Something Sterling has pined for since her first pursuit in fashion which was a highly raved about boutique in Madison, Wisconsin that she has owned since she was 21! When there was time to spare, Sukara would make a few pieces of her own design to sell in the store, knowing that one day she would be expanding beyond her shop’s walls onto a bigger fashion platform like Chicago or L.A..


Tonight was the night where Sukara graduates to the main stage and no longer waits for a spare second to work on her designs. Now all her times has been devoted to making one dress after another into a reality.

Each of the eleven pieces in Sterling’s first Spring collection was absolutely sweet and simplistic nature with a hint of intrigue instilled in every frock. One detail might be the brevity of the hemline or the elusiveness of a color I quite can’t pin point.

These dresses would be what you would wear to snag the boy next door. No, not the guy that stuffed your face with mud pie and ran screaming when you were 10, but the handsome guy that’s a foodie and would like to whisk you away a nice dinner in the city. How could he resist when you show up with a one shoulder shimmery cream number that embraces everything so right or that coral pink dress that shows off every inch of your legs? It’s just simply irresistible!

Sukara-Sterling-one-shoulder-cream-Yen-Le-Second-City-Style See how the dress works on the boy next door in the back?

I’m also crazy about the fact keeps all the production of her clothes in the U.S. and only likes to use natural fibers in her creations. I’m glad that there are still designers out there that partake in the this conscientious way of producing and not too caught up in the cost issue.

A collaboration with her sister, Stacy Sterling, a renowned jewelry designer from Los Angeles and favorite among the celebrity set (i.e. Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, & Jessica Simpson) has been set for March. The duo’s union will undoubtedly strengthen Sukara’s already dynamic collection and make the overall look of young line more pronounced.

I bet many of you are asking was it worth risking life and limb to meet Sukara Sterling on that blustering Thursday evening to usher in her premiere collection in our Windy City? The answer would be “yes” and I would do it all again without a shadow of a doubt. But this time, I’ll be wearing the proper shoes.

-Yen Le

Photos: vertigophoto , Second City Style

Source: Sukara Sterling

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