Student Fashion at its Finest: SAIC 75th Anniversary Fashion Show

Andrea Bell_SAIC_
Andrea Bell (BFA 2009)

I had the great pleasure of attending the annual School of the Art Institute (SAIC) fashion show this past Friday evening at the recently opened Sullivan Galleries. The show was presented alongside the SAIC’s Graduate exhibition, creating a space in which fashion literally met art — the cat walk was flanked with innovative contemporary art and installations produced by SAIC Fine Arts students. This served as a spectacular setting that showed the dynamic relationship between the work of the fashion designers and the artists.

This fashion show served as a refreshing reminder for me that fashion is art (which is so easily forgotten in today’s trite celebrity designs and cheap knock-offs). The event showcased over 200 student-made pieces. I must admit that I was most impressed by the high level of craftsmanship and handling of each pieces; every student’s intricate thought process, inventive design, and careful execution were beautifully manifested in their final projects. Bravo SAIC students!

Genevieve Clifford_SAIC_
Genevieve Clifford (BFA 2009)


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Seth Meyerink-Griffin_SAIC_
Seth Meyerink-Griffin (BFA 2010)

Tina Park_SAIC_
Tina Park (BFA 2009) Photo: Jim Prinz

If you like what you see here, don’t miss the Runway Sale on Friday, May 8 from noon until 6 pm at the Sage Studios of Fashion Design. For more information please call 312-819-5168.

—Gabbie Perez

Runway Photos: Jim Prinz

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