Spinning At Chicago's New SoulCycle Loop Location

SoulCycle, Loop, Entrance SoulCycle Loop is now open! Located at 111 West Wacker, this much anticipated location held its grand opening celebration this past Saturday. The space is a massive 4,000 square-foot, 67-bike studio, home to the signature SoulCycle workout and an expansive SoulCycle lifestyle boutique. SoulCycle’s original clothing collection changes with the seasons, and this space also offers special Chicago apparel!

SoulCycle, Loop Apparel

SoulCycle Loop, Highe cielings, Front desk At the grand opening I took a class along with many others who I would consider “SoulCycle groupies” who knew about the cycling from the Old Town Location or from one of 40 other studios across the country. Lauren took classes in New York City, where it all began and she raved about it. Lauren was a spin instructor for 15 years so I knew her recommendation was with close scrutiny. Soulcycle-Bikes The great thing about SoulCycle is the class is just for you and what you want to get out of it, without any screens or competitive games. The room was candlelit and calm yet I felt the energy from everyone in class. Our instructor Ryan an upbeat DJ, as he coached us through the 45 minute workout along with each tune on the playlist. I watched an obviously expert SoulCycle-ist up front facing the instructor so I (the novice) could follow his posture and tempo during the class. He was the ‘First Chair” and he helped me keep up. I was pleased there was a sequence using small weights to work out the upper body and abs, so this is a total body workout, folks! The time flew by. When it ended we were all sweaty, giddy and ready to take on the day (once showered). SoulCycle, Rubberbands The amenities are incredible with many delightful touches: the lockers have phone chargers, there are full men’s and women’s locker rooms with five showers each, just like any heath club! And my favorite touch: free covered rubber bands. I so often find myself at a gym and in need of one! Oh and sticks of gum at the desk is another nice touch. Parking is not easy in the Loop but there is direct indoor access to the studio from the parking garage and the charge is only $2 with validation. Visit SoulCycle for more information including the Loop class schedule and to shop! SoulCycle clothing and accessories are available in all SOUL boutiques and online. SoulCycle Apparel, sportswear, Athleticwear, Chicaago – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style and SoulCycle

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