Sophie Theallet In Chicago: Interview At The Limited Collaboration Launch

To celebrate the launch of the Sophie Theallet for The Limited collection, none other than Ms. Theallet herself showed up to answer questions for the crowd and grace us with her amazing presence! Lines gathered outside of The Limited in Water Tower Place almost an hour before her scheduled appearance. Theallet chatted with Second City Style about the new collection before the official unveiling ceremony:
Sophie Thaellet
Sophie Theallet Bow-Detail Dress
Sophie Theallet Chain Clutches
More colors of Sophie Theallet Bow-Detail Dresses
Second City Style: Have you ever been to Chicago before? Sophie Theallet: It’s the first time ever, and I love it. I think it’s so beautiful. Even in the winter, I love winter. This is such a beautiful city! SCS: I was impressed by the fabric! Where did you get this kind of fabric? ST: It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I am lucky to work with The Limited. They are fantastic people and they always try to make my dream come true. So, I [gave] them a swatch because I think it’s very important if I do a collaboration, I want this dress and I want to be proud of it. And I am very proud of these dresses because they look gorgeous and every woman can wear it. It looks chic and fancy and it’s done with love for the woman. As a fashion designer for the woman, I want the woman to feel sexy but in a subtle way. In a way that it’s not too much, you feel sexy and in a way that you attract some men, they’re going to look at you in a nice way! As a woman, you need that! I think it’s very important… SCS: And the fact that it’s not clingy and tight. ST: Exactly! They’re super well cut and you have the darts. It makes your body look slim in the right place. And the color. It’s very strong. That’s a story too. That’s why designed that so that there is a dress, there is a bag, it’s the complete look. It’s a special look. SCS: So, do you think you’ll continue on with another collection? ST: It’s a long-term collaboration. So, it’s not just one dress. That’s a choice we made that it’s one dress for special occasions. And I think it’s modern, I think it’s a new way to think. Let’s say a dress for Mother’s Day. We’re going to offer a dress for Mother’s Day, we’re going to offer a dress for Valentine’s Day so it’s going to something special each time. It’s going to be a special day dress, a lucky dress. That always entices the collaboration. I didn’t want to make one collection right away, I was thinking it was more clever to propose one look. SCS: And I like this sweater. I saw some photos online before. You have the long-sleeved sweater and it almost looks like a long-sleeved dress! It looks so sleek, was that the point? ST: Yes, it is! It is so sleek and that you can have only one dress and make so many different looks. Just style it with different items, it depends on what you want to do. SCS: Also interesting to see, you don’t have to tie it in a bow. [The model] just has it like a scarf. ST: Exactly… exactly. SCS: You do a lot of prints and we noticed that here, you’re only doing the solids. ST: I am going to propose patterns at one point, too. But I think we all need in our wardrobe are plain color and the way that I see this collaboration, each time you’re going to buy the “Sophie Theallet” look, and more and more you can add to your wardrobe pieces of “Sophie Theallet from The Limited.” So after that, in a way, you can play with everything. Because every thing easily mixes together. SCS: Well, we’re excited for the collection! ST: I am glad you’re excited! I’m excited too! Thank you!
Sophie Theallet, a model and myself at The Limited at Water Tower Place in Chicago.
Shop Sophie Theallet at The Limited onine here! – Taneisha Jordan Photos: Second City Style

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