Project Runway All Stars, Season 2 Episode 4: Made in the USA Today. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.

Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 4 Designers
In the first fan interactive challenge ever, Project Runway All Star designers fight for fan approved glory. After Carolyn Murphy, in her adorable burgundy dress, announces the challenge, Joanna Coles and Senior Vice President of Marketing at USA Today, Sandra Micek, help each designer choose a tweeted fan-taken photo for inspiration. The theme this week? Every picture tells a story. The winner of the challenge will win a photo shoot and editorial piece that will be featured in USA Today. After choosing their photo’s and a quick 30-minute trip to Mood, designers get busy creating their designs and clawing each other’s eyes out. Laura Kathleen in particular has taken her place as the reigning b*tch of Project Runway All Stars. Althea realizes that she has stayed out of the lime light and pushes to get her design noticed this week. Andrae asserts his position as the community outcast and Anthony Ryan relays how important designing was and still is to him during his Cancer treatment.
Judges Tavi Gevinson, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, Carolyn Murphy and Charlotte Ronson
This week, guest judges included Tavi Gevinson, popular fashion blogger known as StyleRookie (and ironically my roommate’s French tutoree) and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson. While many designers stepped over boundaries and created very unique looks, I was disappointed with the judging this week. Although Emilio was recognized in the top three designers, he did not win and Ivy’s beautiful butterfly inspired dress and Uli’s evening gown went unnoticed. Emilio, Lara Kathleen, and Anthony Ryan stood in the top three line-up. While LK and AR’s designs were pretty and elegant, I thought other designers showed more originality with their designs. Anthony Ryan’s short architectural dress won the challenge. Meanwhile, Althea succeeded in her mission to stand out but instead was left in the bottom three. Although her pants were a mess and the color was bland, I did respect Althea’s creativity in her jacket. Andrae and Joshua also were left in the bottom. Joshua’s dress was tasteless and too literal. Unsurprisingly, Andrae was sent home for his strange, transformable dress. It makes me wonder how Debra from Alabama, the girl in Andrae’s photo, feels about inspiring a loosing design! Thankfully it wasn’t Debra’s fault, just poor fashion taste on Andrae’s part.
Anthony Ryan, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Lara Kathleen’s Design
Emilio’s Design
Althea’s Design
Joshua’s Design
Andrae, “You are Out!”
Memorable Quotes: “So I’m looking around like what the hell, nobody likes me here?” – Laura Kathleen “They want me to like talk to them like we came from the same place.. Not gonna happen.” – Laura Kathleen “Boy I’m kinda sad too because I’m, you know, the last picked.” – Andrae “Kinda like a tinker-toy set of fashion.” – Andrae “That’s fine, then we won’t be friends.” – Laura Kathleen “I created this second level of desk underneath my desk.” – Andrae “I can’t decide if it’s bonkers or brilliant.” – Joanna Coles “I’m not trying to make clothes that are accessible to like the Farmers of America.” – Laura Kathleen “It can read very hooker-y.” – Joanna Coles “I’m like Boo Boo you have got to hurry up!” – Joshua “Kayne made this, Parisian prostitute, with a chicken in the hat?.. terrible” – Casanova “I’m a drop crotch apologist.” – Tavi “Sargent Pepper?” – Isaac Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway… Blogging Project Runway! -Kendall Hill Photos: Lifetime  

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