Fabulous Skull Symbol Fashion and Decor for Halloween and Beyond

While hunting around for some interesting fashion and home decor items for Halloween, the one motif that kept catching my eye was the skull. Not only can skulls be chic (think the clasp on an Alexander McQueen handbag or print scarf) but it is also something that can be used and worn all year round. My favorite holiday items are those that are versatile, and the skull certainly fits that bill. So I compiled a group of skull symbol fashion and style for your home.

The Skull Symbol

What I like about the skull symbol is that it is very inclusive (everybody has one, right?). It can also be the symbol of danger, like the skull and crossbones on anything that is poisonous or hazardous. Pirates flew the symbol on flags to terrify other ships, and motorcycle riders display skulls to recognize their mortality, and immortality, as well as their biker brotherhood. Skulls are used by rock and rollers and heavy metal bands, often in a rebellious way.  It’s like saying “Keep away, I’m dangerous!”

A Variety Of Skull Designs

There are scary skulls, abstract and modern skulls, and skull designs that morph into beautiful flowers and contrasting life symbols. I found some beautiful and amusing ways to display the symbol in your home in the form of edibles with the use of ice cube trays and muffin tins. And there are the colorfully decorated sugar skulls for the Mexican “Day Of The Dead” festival that’s all about celebrating death and remembering one’s family members. Their bright colors represent spirit, hope, life, purity and happiness.


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Take your pick of one of these stylish, dangerous, notorious, whimsical, cute, witty or pretty skull items. There’s bound to be one that is right for you. Enjoy it for Halloween and all year long.

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