Simona's Celebrity Style Fashion & Beauty Resolutions for 2015

simonaheadshot3 There’s nothing like a celebrity to make you think about how to better yourself in 2015. No, but seriously, there’s a lot I can learn from taking a look at the fashion and beauty of my favorite A-listers. Like today’s fashion bloggers, magazine editors and street style connoisseurs, they inspire and educate me about the trends and styles I want to take on for myself. 1. Dress Like a Trendsetter  lupita In this video, highlighting Lupita Nyong’o as People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person, she calls her personal style “sophisticated with a sense of humor.” I call it trendsetting! First of all, I love the way she describes herself and I also appreciate how modest she is. Lupita Nyong’o is unique, breathtaking, and gorgeous. She’s a breath of fresh air. If you look at me, you know that I look nothing like her. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Miss Nyong’o it’s that dressing like a beautiful, stylish, ethereal trendsetter who occasionally takes risks – is so 2015. 2. Get Skin Like Miranda Kerr It’s not that I have a lot of acne. In fact, most people would probably consider me lucky because it’s never been a really big problem of mine. Still, I do not take care of my skin and as I age, it’s starting to show. My skin has become dry and flaky, I’m getting wrinkles, and yes, there’s still acne after 30. Sure, we’ve all seen Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Simpson in those Proactiv commercials but I’ve also started to read about Miranda Kerr‘s beauty regimen. The model has gone as far as to tote skin-boosting food and create her own brand of organic products. She pours four tablespoons of coconut oil over her food or in her tea for glowing skin. Maybe I’ll try it.

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3. Pack My Closet Like Fergie fergie InStyle magazine once published a feature on covetable celebrity closets. We all know they have more stuff in one space than many of us can afford in a lifetime, but it got me thinking about my own closet (which leaves much to be desired.) So I first resolve clean out my closet and get rid of all the junk I don’t wear anymore. There’s quite a bit there. I want to actually make the effort to sell or donate the items I don’t need. Then it will free up some space to buy new things! Which in the end is really what this is all about, isn’t it? After I clean out the crap, I’ll look into separating pieces by color and category, then giving the space a boudoir-boutique feel – like Fergie. 4. Layer It Up Like The Fashionistas Do  jamie This outfit Jaime Chung was photographed wearing (above) in 2014 inspired me. I remember the photograph well because the day I saw it, I began Googling with a vengeance in search of that textured Twenty Tees shirt and print Rebecca Minkoff dress. This is what fashion (and celeb fashion) does to us (and me in particular.) It inspires me,gives me fresh ideas, and makes me want to change up my own wardrobe. I see something on someone else and I want to try it for myself. And that’s why celebrity style, fashion bloggers and street style are so popular these days isn’t it? But alas, I saw this picture too late and both items were nowhere to be found. In any case, I’m a huge fan of the layered look for winter – and especially mixing prints with solids and texture. 5. Take a Page Out of Kim Kardashian’s Look Book kim I know what you’re thinking. How the hell can Kim Kardashian‘s name even be featured on this list? Let me explain. It’s not that I want to be at the forefront of an overexposed reality show-famed blended family or display my nether regions on the cover of Paper magazine. I also don’t want to take on massive rounds of Botox and plastic surgery or name my first child after a cardinal direction. Yet there’s something that Kim Kardashian did we can all learn from. She made herself over, streamlined her fashion, and changed her personal style for the better. (Whether this was Kanye’s influence or not is irrelevant.) True, her personal style still leaves something to be desired. Too much sheer, too much cleavage, too many cut outs in all the wrong places. However if there’s anything we can take away from Miss Kim Kardashian for 2015,  it’s that it’s never too late to change up your own personal look. Take a page out of Kim Kardashian’s look book. – Simona Kogan, Second City Style Celebrity Style Editor Photos:, InStyle, Stylebrity

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