Trick or Treat! Simon Doonan Designs Playful Halloween Costumes for Target

Simon Doonan with pieces from his Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target collection

The retailer collaborations keep on rolling out as we head into fall and some are more, uh, seasonally appropriate than others. At the end of last year, Target tapped Barneys New York creative director Simon Doonan to come up with a line of cute and kitschy costumes for this year's Halloween. Doonan seemingly couldn't say "yes!" fast enough, holding a special place for the holiday in his heart, since it is his birthday as well. This project really resonated with me,” said Doonan. “The holiday is huge and it’s growing. That’s why [Target] yodeled in yours truly.”

Simon Doonan with pieces from his Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target collection


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And thus the foundation was laid for what would become Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target, an eccentric yet undeniably chic way to get into the Halloween spirit. Doonan's line of costumes brim with clever phrases scrawled on them, such as “Trick or Trend” and “Chic or Treat” in the case of the Glamor Ghost costume. A Diva Witch dress is emblazoned with the legends “Fashion Fiend” and “Honk If I’m Fierce.” “I’m obsessed with words. There are lots of double entendres,” said Doonan, who gets his usual word fix from writing a blog for Barneys, a weekly column for the New York Observer and making regular contributions to the Daily Beast.

Doonan told WWD he was inspired by reality TV shows and truth-is-stranger-than-fiction news stories.“People on reality TV get to be exhibitionists,” Doonan said. “I thought of The Situation and those boys from ‘Jersey Shore’ when I did the T-shirt for the Pumpkin Punk Rocker costume.” Cute His and Hers costumes — like Meatballs for him and Spaghetti for her — feature such fashion-related elements as  red-and-white plaid tablecloth fabric, yarn noodles cascading from the shoulders of the woman’s dress and a pillbox hat topped with a heaping helping of pasta and meatballs to top it all off. There’s even a matching costume for dogs complete with a hat that says “Ciao! Chow!”

Simon Doonan with pieces from his Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target collection

Another getup that's sure to be popular this year is the the Evil Paparazzi costume, which blares “Say Cheese” across the back. A matching Petarazzi getup for dogs is also available, featuring a “Tabloid Terror” cape and cap. Kids costumes will retail for $25, while adults' costumes will be $30, and dogs will hover around $9.99.
The collection will be available in Target stores on Sept. 12 and on on Aug. 22. What will they think up next???


Article and Photo Source: WWD

-Alia Rajput

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