Sigerson and Morrison Trying to Reclaim Their Name?

Are Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison trying to “fight the man”?
Though Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison are hosting a “Crazy Sale” with inventory from the now-closed Sigerson Morrison Laboratory Boutique, it is being advertised as unaffiliated with the actual Sigerson Morrison brand and its parent company, Marc Fisher Footwear. As we reported earlier, the duo was quit/kicked off from their own brand.
Does this mean that there could be a Morrison and Sigerson comeback and take back the brand that bears their names?  “It’s a complicated story and the simple answer is no, we don’t [own the brand],” Morrison explained to New York Magazine over the phone. The brand’s former press director told NY Magazine that they’re trying to reclaim rights to the label’s name and since Marc Fisher hasn’t authorized the sale, the designers are publicizing it under the name “Sigerson and Morrison.” But lo and behold, a representative from Sigerson and Morrison says that “Fisher Sigerson Morrison are actively trying to shut down the sale at White St.”
Fired from their own brand and can’t even sell their own shoes that have their names on them? What’s really going on? Power struggle or sour grapes?
-Taneisha Jordan
Source: NY Mag
Photo: Nitrolicious

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