Sidney Garber Jewelry Preview: Spellbinding!

Sidney Garber Brooke Garber Neidich
Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a press preview at Sidney Garber and meet jewelry designer Brooke Garber Neidich. Sidney Garber originated in Chicago and recently opened a store in New York. How’s that for the reverse of ‘who had it first’?  I have never been to Sidney Garber before and always thought of it as a Gold Coast high-end, traditional jewelry store (which is it) but I was surprised by the amount of modern, cool and wearable pieces. Brooke told me that is the point! The pieces she designs are something you can wear every day, and for many years, like the feather earrings, which she was wearing along with other gorgeous Sidney Garber pieces. She worked alongside her father who started the store in 1946, but kept the store moving and evolving and inherited Sidney Garber in 2008.
Sidney Garber Dome-Cuff
The Oslen twins are huge fans and wear and sell her dome cuff as well as the bird brooches at The Row. You will always see a nice selection of Sidney Garber at Barneys New York, which induced a big New York fan base, and another reason to open the New York Store. The sales associates were friendly and picked things out for us to try on! I was spellbound by many of the pieces and enjoyed trying on pave diamond bracelets that had a similar price tag to my first condominium in Wrigleyville. Incredibly Brooke gives all her profits to not-for-profit organizations dedicated to children’s mental health and wellness, to education and to the arts.
Sidney Garber Bird-Brooches
Sidney Garber NECKLACE4
Sidney Garber EARRINGS12
Visit Sidney Garber to see more!
998 Madison Avenue
  |  New York, NY  |  10075
  |  212-274-1111
118 East Delaware Place
  |  Chicago, IL 60611  |  
– Carol Calacci

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