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"She’s going the distance. She’s going for speed." – Cake

Considering I have a hard enough time walking in 4-inch heels, I will leave this to the professionals. Had you been in Berlin, Germany this past Saturday you could have competed in the Glamour 100m (.06 miles) Stiletto Run. Competitors in stiletto high-heels raced against each another August 18, 2007 on Kurfuerstendamm avenue in central Berlin. The Stiletto Run is organized by publisher Conde Nast, who invited 100 female readers of the German edition of Glamour magazine to participate. The Stilettos had to be at least 7cm high (2.8 inches) and not wider than 1,5cm (.6 inches).

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

On your marks…

And they’re off!

Crossing the finish line!

Agony of De-feet!

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