Ruffles For Grown-Ups

Ruffles For Grown-Ups

Ruffles For Grown-Ups

Tue, 2000-06-27 05:00

Rachel Yeomans

One of my favorite designers, Kate Boggiano, states often that, “One can never have too many ruffles.” I credit Kate for taking the ruffle from a look meant for toddlers to a class of adult chic; and I’ve begun to notice that others are finally catching on!


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Simply waiting in line for my morning latte at the office, I see at least three ruffled blouses cross my path. The work look has kicked up its glamour with a silk ruffled blouse tucked into a pencil skirt with heels – and the weekend look has met the 1950’s pin-up girl with a wrap ruffled top with white shorts and red lipstick. With this type of versatility and constant state of ‘pretty,’ who wouldn’t want a ruffled blouse?!

In honor of this ruffle-y trend, I rounded up some ever so adorable adult ruffles for both our working and weekend fashionistas!

The thing about ruffles is that they can easily enter into a fashion realm of childish or matronly. Make sure you never cross that line! Ruffles also can be overwhelming depending on your body type. If you are large-chested, then avoid large ruffles around the neckline, as it’ll be too much going on at the top. However if you are small-chested, this type of blouse would add some heft to your bust area and create a very flattering look! If your frame is carried by narrow shoulders, stick with smaller ruffles as you’ll get lost in larger ones.

I love wearing tops with ruffles lining the placket of tops along with ruffled cuffs at the ends of the sleeves. This look could venture into being a Beethoven look-alike; so again, be aware of a costume quality that you may not want to flaunt. Also, there is such a thing as too many ruffles. If you work the ruffle blouse, then keep the skirt/pants texture free.

And finally, to pay homage to the woman who devotes her designs to the love of the ruffle, I personally own this blouse by Kate Boggiano in a rose brown. I’ve worn it tucked into a skirt and I’ve worn it with skinny jeans and booties. No matter how I wear it, it definitely ruffles my fashion feathers!

1. Kate Boggiano Issie Ruffle Blouse $169
2. Oscar de la Renta Silk-Organza Ruffled Blouse $690
3. RED VALENTINO Ruffle Cotton-Blend Shirt $350
4. MCQ Ruffle-Front Silk-Satin Blouse $395
5. Milly Wrap-Over Cotton Top $215
6. Diane von Furstenberg Atoos Ruffle Cotton Blouse Now $100
7. By Malene Birger Bormia Ruffle Blouse Now Now $111

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