Replacing What Time Has Taken: Dr. Bracci's CheekRise

My before shots

This past Monday I was MIA for a good part of the day. I was chosen as a candidate for a FOX news segment on a proprietary cheek enhancement procedure performed by Dr. Bracci of VERVE Medical Cosmetics. The previous week I visited his midtown office to see if my ‘loss of cheeks’ made me a viable candidate. You can see the pictures they took of me above – sans makeup. It’s a good thing I have no shame. I can’t believe I would post pictures of me with no makeup on this site, let alone possibly appear on the news! However, nearly two years ago Dr. Bracci performed his EyeRise procedure on me and I am still thrilled with the results. So I trust him to not make my look like a Botoxed freak. Lately I have been noticing my face is getting long and sallow with age. In my opinion I’m looking old and tired. I’m also finding my neck is starting to go. I fear the dreaded waddle. The horrors! Hey, I never said I was going to grow old gracefully.

So at 9:30 am I arrived at Dr. Bracci’s office and walked into a waiting room where there were 8 of us waiting to see if we made the proverbial cut. I would say we were all ‘middle age’ and a bit nervous. I was called up immediately. I thought, here we go…but it turns out they needed to retake some pictures of me. So back to the waiting room I sat. And sat. And sat. Others were being called in, but not me. I was moved up to a lounge where I was able to read the entire paper and a People magazine, answer emails and browse One Kings Lane (my new addiction). I didn’t mind since I knew I would eventually get my cheeks done whether it was filmed or not and frankly, the time away from my active kids lounging on a comfy sofa was rather enjoyable. I was even served a lovely lunch.

More horrid BEFORE pictures
More horrid BEFORE pictures

Women who had been called before me were coming into the lounge one by one looking on average 10 years younger and rested! They didn’t look different, just like a better version of themselves –  if that makes sense. I couldn’t believe the results I was witnessing. The conversations I was having and the women I was meeting were fascinating. By the time I was eventually called I was really excited to see what Dr. Bracci would do for me! I knew the camera crew had left and I didn’t care. In fact, I was relieved I didn’t have to possibly embarrass myself on television (but obviously will here).


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When Dr. Bracci came into the room for my treatment he stood and looked at my face. I could tell he was studying the contours of my face. He then told the nurse what I needed. A lot of filler. Of course I had to ask him why I was not chosen. As I had expected I wasn’t bad enough. Phew! Meaning I would not make for good TV – the results would not be as instantly dramatic. When you have fillers, unlike Botox, the results are immediate less some possible swelling.

Knowing I was the last woman left I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Bracci about a zillion questions which he answered. All of them. In a nutshell he told me he had developed a ‘Rise’ solution for pretty much everything above the shoulders. There is now not only an EyeRise, but a BrowRise, a CheekRise (which I was having) and even a NeckRise (which I WANT next!). As we age fillers are a better solution than plastic surgery because instead of cutting or taking something away (skin and tissue) you are actually adding something back. You are replacing the bone structure that has atrophied with age. It actually makes perfect sense. It’s not really the skin that causes the aging, it’s just that it has lost what it was covering, making it sag. The other beauty of fillers is that they’re not permanent. So if you don’t like the results, or want to go a different route, it eventually dissipates. How can you not want to try it?

However, if you do try it, you want to make sure you go to someone who really knows what they are doing. Not all plastic surgeons or dermatologists are great at fillers and/or Botox. It’s almost like a form of art. You either have the artistry skills or you don’t. So be sure to do your research and see some examples of doctor’s results before you let them touch your face. I would highly recommend Dr. Bracci, but know not everyone can get to NYC. But, if you can, I’d schedule a consultation.

So what did Dr. Bracci do for me? He added quite a bit a filler to my cheeks and some to my jawline so my face once again has the ‘bone structure’ it used to have. The after picture below is literally a couple of hours after the procedure. I am still not wearing makeup and had a bit of swelling. I go back to see Dr. Bracci for a follow-up this Friday and will be sure to follow up here and post some (hopefully) good/better pictures.

Before on the left and immediately after on the right.
Before on the left and immediately after on the right.

Learn about Dr. Bracci and his Cheek Enhancement or CheekRise here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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