Better Off Red For Spring!

I didn’t think spring was ever going to get here! It’s almost April and I’m still wearing flannel shirts in the Northeast and I’m not happy about it. Not in the least. However, I am seeing some flowers starting to bloom which is enough of a sign for me that spring is just around the corner. One trend I am completely smitten with for spring are red accessories. Red shoes and bags were all over the runways for Spring/Summer ’18 which is a surprising color for the season.

We typically see red for the fall and winter seasons, but just as it has become perfectly acceptable to wear suede in the summer and patent leather in the winter, red has totally flipped its season as well. Basically all the fashion rules have been broken…and I’m kinda loving it. I mean who waits for Memorial Day to wear white pants anymore?


Red handbags and shoes (even sandals) are the perfect pop of color. I personally can’t wear red near my face (if I do someone inevitably asks me if I’m sick, so I no longer wear red clothes), but I will wear red shoes and carry a red bag all day long! I particularly love the deeper shades of red which I seriously would have normally saved for winter. So bust out that red bag you only carry around the holidays or buy yourself a pair of red suede sandals because red is now a 365 day a year color. Well at least this year.


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