Reclaim Youthful Hair With Julien Farel Anti-Aging Haircare Vitamin Restore

Do you color the hell out of your hair because you have to? I sure do. There was a time I colored my hair out of sheer boredom. I wish I had saved my money because now I do it out of necessity (grey) and the health of my hair is suffering from 6-8 week colorings. So when I met Julien Farel in the flesh at a Bergdorf Goodman beauty breakfast I attended last month and he told me I needed his miracle product…I listened. Hell, there are countless anti-aging products for our skin, so why not our hair? It makes total sense. How many women have you seen with straw-like hair who couldn’t imagine not coloring their hair, even though they are destroying it (or are you one of them)? Now you don’t have to chose between coloring and terrorizing your hair. Thank God.
Julien Farel Anti-Aging Haircare Vitamin Restore is a first of it’s kind cleansing-treat-conditioning formula that replaces shampoo & conditioner on the days you use it. Groundbreaking A2B Technology is scientifically designed to push regenerating anti-aging ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid + Resveratrol + Bioflavonoids + Glycans deeper into the follicle, scalp & hair for intense hydration, targeted repair & vital protection.
The lather-free formula cleanses without stripping natural oils, reduces the negative effect of water, balances scalp pH and maintains scalp’s hydro-lipid layer for continuous hydration & protection. It also helps stimulate cell renewal & nourish the follicle to prolong the growth phase. If your hair is dehydrated from aging and coloring you will notice your hair is moisturized, silky and shiny after the first use. After a few uses my hair was looking and feeling more like it did pre-children and pre-constant coloring to cover the grey. In fact, my hair is looking as young as I feel (which is pretty damn young…most days).
It’s suggested you use Julien Farel Anti-Aging Haircare Restore twice a week instead of shampooing. Simply apply the cream to wetish hair and massage in to hair and scalp. There is no lather so don’t be freaked out – your hair will feel clean, I promise. Comb it through in the shower and leave in for 2 minutes (enough time to shave your legs) and then rinse thoroughly. On alternate days use your regular shampoo and conditioner
If your hair isn’t chemically treated, there is still a formula for you (I just have not tried it and can only attest to the Vitamin formula). Restore also comes in a Hydrate: for fine or normal hair, and Zero Frizz: for all types of frizzy hair. I am sure they are just as wonderful too.

All 3 Julien Farel Restore formulas
All 3 Julien Farel Restore formulas

Julien Farel Anti-Aging Haircare Restore, $33
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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