Rebecca Minkoff and Smirnoff Vodka Throw One Rockin' Fashion Week Party!


As a four time veteran of covering Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, I can say now with complete conviction that it is hard work. But it is not, however, without its reward. Sometimes after a long day of shows, one likes to kick back, have a cocktail and maybe even dance a little. Luckily, those options abound in the city that never sleeps, but nowhere was it more luxurious than on a particular night in the city's Meatpacking District, compliments of designer Rebecca Minkoff and Smirnoff vodka.

The night started with a chauffeured car picking up my colleague Taneisha and I at the Lincoln Center tents, fresh from the last show of the evening. We then made our way over to Griffin, a gleaming oasis of leisure nestled among the shops and designer showrooms of the Meatpacking District. The interior of the club was a study of Baroque-looking opulence, all gilded edges, lush curtains and mirrors on every surface—very modern day Versailles. Guests mingled on banquettes or crowded around the centerpiece of the room, a miniature ferris wheel featuring prominent styles of Rebecca Minkoff handbags.


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After checking out the bags, we bellied up to the bar and indulged in a Minkette, a pink and juicy Smirnoff cocktail that seemed perfect for the occasion. But little did we know, there was more tasting to be had! After chatting briefly with the friendly Smirnoff vodka girls, cute and clad in black and pink Smirnoff tees, they asked if we wanted to try the Smirnoff People's Challenge. They told us the Smirnoff People's Challenge is a taste test that travels to parties all over the country putting Smirnoff vodka head-to-head against other premium vodkas to determine which is the best on the market. We thought, um why not?!!

So they gave us our choice of pairing the Smirnoff with either Ketel One or Grey Goose. Taneisha chose Grey Goose, I chose Ketel One and we both had a blind shot of each. Taniesha said her first shot was Smirnoff vodka, I said my second one was. And guess what? I was right! Apparently, I'm more of a vodka connoisseur than I thought (though I'm not sure that's such a good thing!) It was a fun experiment to participate in, never really thinking before on how different premium vodkas taste. But there's definitely a difference!

After our taste test we relaxed the rest of the night and jumped into the dance party, compliments of DJ Becka Diamond. Lady Gaga's new song, "Born This Way" had just come out so there was plenty of movement on the dance floor! At one point, we even climbed up to the balcony to take it all in and remind ourselves of just how lucky we were to be there. Thank you again Rebecca Minkoff and Smirnoff!

View from the balcony at Griffin

SCS party girls: Me with Taneisha

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style


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