Quote of the Day. Diane Von Furstenberg on Halston

DVF with with Roy Halston Frowick in 1970

As part of a new documentary being made about Halston founder Roy Halston Frowick, called Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston, filmmakers interviewed Frowick’s former chain gang of the Seventies, including such heavy hitters as Liza Minnelli, Anjelica Huston and Diane von Furstenberg, who included a quote that’s become quite controversial in some online media outlets.
She explained, “He was one of the reasons I got into fashion. He introduced a liberal approach to fashion; a modern approach. But we all make mistakes — sometimes you associate with the wrong names — his was working with JC Penney: he never recovered from that. He lost his heart I think.”
New York Magazine published the quote under the headline, “Diane Von Furstenberg Blames JCPenney for Halston’s Downfall” and the comments exploded underneath it. Fashion enthusiasts, self-described historians and basically anyone with a strong opinion on the matter wrote volumes under the article that was barely 8 lines long. The comments either defended Halston and his alleged status as a pawn in the big corporate buy out of his company,  or renounced him as a substance abuser and blamed his eventual demise on his incessant partying and lack of business sense. Either way, this is the biggest designer pot-stirring since John Galliano. What do you think, dear readers, on the status of Halston’s unfortunate fall from grace?
(To get yourselves fired up, take a peek at the other comments on New York Magazine)
-Alia Rajput
Article Source: NY Mag
Photo Source: girlkaleidoscopeyes.blogspot.com

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